A wireless omnidirectional microphone refers to a kind of mic that picks up sound from all directions and transfers wirelessly. Since it has a big influence on the audio's clarity and quality, it is essential while shooting videos. To assist you in selecting the ideal one for your needs, we will talk about its pros, cons, features, and make examples in real products. Knowing these aspects will help you select the finest one for adding excellent audio to your videos.

  • Wireless microphones: pros, cons, features, and examples
  • Omnidirectional mics: pros, cons, features, and examples
SYNCO P1L wireless omnidirectional microphone can be used in music recording, video making, video chating, and so on.

    Wireless audio-recording pros

    Wireless omnidirectional microphone is a popular choice in video filming due to its significant advantages. Here we list three pros to show you why you need the wireless audio recording: simple operation, international applicability, and reasonable cost.

    Easy to use for free movements

    To set up and use a wireless microphone, you don't require any technological expertise. Most wireless systems are plug-and-play, which means all you have to do to get started is switch on the receiver. The cordless design enables you to do free movements while speaking.

    Budget-friendly price for YouTube beginners

    The wireless microphone is a good choice for newbies who want to get started with YouTube or TikTok video recording. Because of its increasing technology and low price, it can allow you to get a microphone with good enough sound quality in the same budget range of product options.

    Worldwide compliance and compatibility

    The 2.4 GHz wireless omnidirectional microphone is in high demand as it may be used without a license in any country. You will note that various countries have different standards and that not all countries have synchronized their transmissions if you use UHF frequency ranges. 2.4 GHz mic devices protect you from all the regulatory uncertainties.

    Moman CP2 wireless microphone for smartphone have two plug options, one is the lightning plug for iPhone, and one is Type-C for Android phones.

    Wireless design cons

    On the other hand, wireless microphone for recording also faces many drawbacks that are not well solved at this stage, such as transmission instability and latency, limited channel output, and battery issue.

    Possible disconnection and latency

    If there are buildings, trees, or people between the transmitter and receiver, or if the transmission range is exceeded, the stable transmission of sound may be disrupted. In addition, there might be a delay between the signal's input and audio output, which is known as latency.

    Inadequate channels for multiple speakers

    Most of the camera-mount wireless omni lavalier microphone systems sold on the market today are either mono or dual channel. For three or more speakers, this may not be enough. Moman PhotoGears Store sells these two categories as well, with one exception that supports 3-channel recording and two-way communication - the SYNCO G3 wireless collar clip microphone.

    Battery replacement or charging problems

    The majority of wireless microphones run on batteries, which must be changed or recharged on a regular basis. Though it might only be a small annoyance, bear this in mind if you want to use the microphone for prolonged periods of time.

    Moman CP2  wireless omni lavalier microphone is made up of a receiver and two transmitters that clip on the collar. It is small and lightweight.

    Wireless microphone key features

    • Dual or multi-channel separation: Separate mute, transmission, and power switches are among the most sought-after characteristics of a wireless system. The transmitter and receiver are "locked on" to the same frequency when they are connecting with one another. Dual or multi-channel can ensure different separate transmitters record in their own tracks.
    • Long-range transmission: A wireless omnidirectional tabletop microphone or lavalier mic can offer dependable range and extend the necessary range for interference-free audio recording. It greatly expands the movable range of speakers, which is ideal for online PE classes or on-the-road recording.

    Example: Moman C1X dual channel wireless microphone for vlogging

    Moman C1X wireless camera microphone delivers superior sound with DSP tech, which offers effective noise suppression in noisy environments. It works stunningly long up to 8 hours and it is packed with a 3-in-1 charging cable for powering the transmitters and receiver at the same time. For now it is on sale and only cost US$99 (Regular price US$119).

    Moman C1X two-channel wireless camera phone is of omnidirectional polar pattern. It can provide clear recording effects for videos.
    Table: Pros, cons, and features of Moman C1X




    • Dual transmitters for 1-on-1 interviews
    • Small and lightweight body for carrying and clipping on shirt
    • Strong signals for stable and secure wireless transmission
    • Broadly compatible with kinds of devices, including cameras, smartphones, camcorders
    • No charging box configuration
    • Not waterproof
    • No visualized screen display for real-time checking
    • Two channel for two-person speaking at the same time
    • 3.5mm headphone jack supports real-time monitoring and gain control
    • 8-hour battery life for long-time filmmaking
    • Applications: Moman C1X such like wireless laple microphone with omni directional polar pattern is ideal for YouTube video recording, on-the-go vlogging, live streaming, and online classes like yoga and exercise lessons.

    Omnidirectional pickup pattern pros

    During all kinds of microphone polar patterns, why choose the wireless omnidirectional microphone? It provides four benefits for use: Reduced wind noise, less popping, low distortion, and flexible placement.

    Effective in handling noisy wind

    Every unidirectional microphone has extra apertures for air to enter, which are the back acoustic ports. Additionally, turbulence caused by wind traveling through the backports might produce wind noise. Because an Omni lacks backports, wind noise is reduced.

    Less plosive and vibration sounds

    The plosive "P", "T", and "B" noises that can happen when a talker gets too near to a unidirectional microphone is also caused by those backports. An omnidirectional microphone is far more resilient than a unidirectional one, providing clearer recording effects.

    Low-frequency response for rich voice

    Wireless omnidirectional microphones reduce ratios of gain to feedback, especially when it comes to lower or mid-frequency frequencies. Since low frequencies make up the majority of handling and vibration noise, an omni's proximity effect means less of this kind of noise.

    Capture great audio no matter whether placed up or down

    It functions regardless of orientation since it has equal acuity in all directions. With portable microphones, it is uncommon to use a microphone upside down, but with small clip-on lavalier microphones, it frequently happens.

    Moman and SYNCO wireless microphones are ideal for yoga classes, online meetings, and so on.

    Omnidirectional polar pattern cons

    This type of mic also has its disadvantages compared to the directional ones: It may pick up Unwanted sound from the ambient and have no room isolation.

    Unable to prevent undesired background noise and echo

    Because the Omni mic doesn't concentrate on a specific instrument or sound, there is less accurate channel separation while recording, which refers to the ratio of direct to indirect sound.

    No room isolation

    It is not the best option for isolating a particular sound source, such as a speaker in a packed room or on a stage. Because an omnidirectional microphone picks up sound from all directions, channel separation may be less accurate than with a directional microphone. Thus, with an Omni, the direct-to-indirect sound ratio may become even less favorable if channel separation is desired.

    SYNCO P2L omnidirectional microphone is designed to have dual transmitters and a wireless charging case. It is perfect for vlogging, Youtube video recording, and so on.

    Omnidirectional microphone's main features

    • Sensitive to sounds from all directions: Wireless omnidirectional microphone for conference room evenly picks up sound from all directions. Therefore, it is perfect for capturing discussions or interviews where participants are speaking from different places around the microphone.
    • Lack of proximity effect compared to the directional mics: The proximity effect is the phenomenon wherein low frequencies in a recording are amplified because of the microphone's near proximity. Bass frequencies are amplified the closer the microphone is to the source of the sound. The impact is a lack of microphones that are omnidirectional, which makes the sound flat and less rich than the directional ones.

    Example: SYNCO P1L omnidirectional lavalier microphone for iPhone

     SYNCO P1L is an omnidirectional wireless microphone for cellphone with high-clarity sound and long-distance transmission of 150-meter (LOS). It is compact and versatile with a budget price of US$49 (Regular US$69). Due to the frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz and -26dB sensitivity, P1L can offer you pure and rich sound to promote the audio quality of your videos.  

    SYNCO P1L supports 2.4GHz wireless transmission for clean and rich voice during filmmaking, vlogging, podcasting, live streaming, etc.


    Table: Pros, cons, and features of SYNCO P1L




    • Barrier-free and high definition sound deliver with DSP noise-cancellation chip
    • Nine creative voice effects including Baby FX, Studio TX, EDM, etc.
    • Packed with wireless quick charging case for nonstop reading
    • Remained power is displayed by the indicators, and no specific value
    • Not suitable for two-person filming or one-on-one interviews
    • Single channel for one speaker
    • Lightning plug of receiver for iPhone and iPad recording
    • 2.4GHz lapel microphone with 492ft/150m LOS working distance
    • 5-hour continous battery life and Type-C charging supported
    • Applications: You can use SYNCO P1L wireless omnidirectional microphone for iPhone for indoor podcasting, live streaming, and conferences. The omni mic works well in group singing and discussion as well.

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