What is an NP-F series lithium battery? It is a compact cell pack series for charging cameras, audio devices, LED lights, monitors, and other digital gear. It was first produced by the famous band Sony and became popular among cameramen thanks to its reliable ability and wide range of choices. It is a common option for energy storage and portable electricity. 

We will go into the benefits and drawbacks of NP-F camera battery in this post, covering the needs of readers who are interested in photography, video production, live streaming, on-the-go vlogging, and so on.

NP-F series lithium battery can be used to charge BMPCC 4K, monitor

Pros of NP-F series lithium battery

The benefits of this kind of cell pack lie in its versatility, durability, and great performance. Here are four specific advantages of the NP-F battery.

The NPF series battery offers different choices of forms and sizes

Because NP-F lithium-ion batteries are available in a variety of forms and sizes, they may be used in a wide range of applications. There must be one type out there that works for you, whether you need a bigger and more powerful one for your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, or a smaller one for your monitor and fill light. 

It has a long battery cycle life from 300 to 1000 times

In comparison to many other power solution types, the NP-F series lithium batteries have a longer cycle life. They are an affordable option because they may endure for several years with the right upkeep. Premium NP-F lithium batteries from reliable brands can withstand 300 to 1,000 cycles of charging and discharging while keeping a sizable percentage of their capacity.

The NP-F lithium battery for cameras features high energy density 

The high energy density of NP-F lithium-ion batteries is well known. They are portable while providing trustworthy output power for charging high-end digital cameras. Because of this feature, they can store a large quantity of energy in a comparatively light and compact form. The NP-F lithium power supplies are therefore perfect for uses where weight and space restrictions are critical. They significantly outperform other battery types with a high energy density.

It features minimal self-discharge when not being used

The NPF lithium camera batteries don't self-discharge as quickly, they hold their charge for extended periods while not in use. They are perfect for photographers and video producers who require dependable power delivery due to this characteristic. When lithium-ion batteries are kept at room temperature and in good care, they usually lose less than a little of their charge per month.

NP-F camera battery is put into the digital camera cell slot for powering up the device. Or you can use an adapter to connect it with other equipment for charging.

Cons of NP-F rechargeable lithium battery 

Though it is adopted by many photographers, NP-F li-ion battery series still get some drawbacks that you need to know before buying.

NP-F li-ion battery series has a limited lifespan for using

Although NP-F series lithium battery has a lengthy cycle life, their total life for use is somewhat short like other types of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Their capacity diminishes with time, thus they could need to be replaced, raising the overall cost. After hundreds of cycles of charging and discharging, the capacity of the NP-F battery pack might decrease by around 20%.

The charging performance can be affected by the temperature and other external factors

Extreme temperatures can cause NP-F lithium batteries for BMPCC to malfunction. However, it is a common characteristic of all power supplies. The NP-F is less suited for some outdoor applications where temperature fluctuations might be severe since they function best within a particular temperature range. If you usually shoot field photography in extreme environments, then a more stable and robust v-mount lithium battery would be more suggested.

It has safety concerns if it is under improper use and storage

Thermal runaway is a risk associated with NPF series lithium batteries that, in severe situations, can result in explosions or fires. It is safe under most normal use and storage conditions, but you need to be aware that there is a certain probability of risk. So please choose a trusted brand and purchase route, make sure they have full certificates and have good after-sales service. Safe handling and storage are essential to reducing these dangers, thus users should prioritize their safety. 

Moman v-mount lithium battery has multiple charging ports for a whole photography setup.

Why choose NP-F instead of other types of power supply?

The NP-F series cell pack, v-mount camera battery, and battery grip are three kinds of common power sources for photography and videography works. So what are the advantages of NP-F over the other two types?

The NP-F series is more compact than the v-mount lithium battery

V mount li-ion battery is a simple way to power a whole camera setup simultaneously and maintain their charge during filming and shooting. It is more versatile while bulkier than the NP-F series. You can take NP-F lithium batteries on flights and there are fewer limitations in the aviation regulations. At the same time, you can only fly with two packs of v-lock batteries of capacity under 100W.

It is more convenient to use compared with the battery grip

Battery grips are used by high-end DSLR and movie cameras to prolong shooting periods. These provide copies of the battery storage and controls for vertical photography, and they fit in flawlessly with the camera body. However, it is troublesome to install it in the middle of shooting since the rest of the photography gears are all set and done well. When it comes to the NP-F batteries, you can charge or change them easily.

To wrap up

In conclusion, the NP-F series lithium battery has several advantages, such as a high energy density, a long cycle life, and quick charging. They do have several disadvantages, though, such as expense, a short lifespan, safety issues, environmental effects, and temperature sensitivity. When deciding whether or not to use this kind of power source for their cameras and gears, photographers must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

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