A two way communication device enables vital conversation with bidirectional solutions that improve unimpeded information sharing. It plays an important role in motorcycle riding, extreme sports, factory tours, and field control. This blog is the ultimate guide to introducing its definition, types, applications, and considerations when purchasing.
  • What is a two way communication device?
  • Three types of 2-way communicators with different forms and uses
  • Three applications that you need wireless 2 way communication devices
  • How to choose the best two way communication device?
Moman H2 motorcycle two way communication supports wireless conversation between rider to rider and rider to passenger within 1000 meters.

    What is a two way communication device?

    Technically speaking, a two-way communicator is any device that enables two or more individuals to communicate. Examples of such devices include home door entry systems, industrial and educational communications, and vehicle-to-vehicle communications. This tool is also appropriate for purposes like inter-factory communications, field control in live events, racing, movie filming, etc. 

    What are the differences between mobile phones and Bluetooth two way communication? A smartphone cannot replace the effective and immediate communication that is possible with various kinds of two-way radios. All of the big manufacturers have tried, but two-way comms are unbeatable. Nowadays, most users of two-way radios choose the portable model because of its portability, robustness, ease of use, and efficiency in situations where communication might mean a difference in crucial details. 

    Moman helmet to helmet communicator is waterproof, durable, and small. It can attach to the motorcycle helmet firmly even in rainly days.

    Three types of 2-way communicators with different forms and uses

    We are going to introduce the three common types of two-way wireless comms used in daily life, including the motorcycle-to-motorcycle helmet intercom, intercom headset, and handheld walkie-talkie. They are in various forms and designs and are compatible with different circumstances.

    Motorcycle helmet two way communication

    A motorbike Bluetooth helmet-to-helmet intercom is a practical tool for riding and bicycling. The purpose of Bluetooth intercoms is to facilitate communication between motorcyclists. The small communication system installed on the helmet enables riders to talk to another rider or the pillion during high-speed riding. Also, it can help with songs, GPS use, and communication.  

    It is especially useful if you're cycling with other people. However, you may also utilize it if you're riding by yourself. To make sure you're headed in the right route, 2 way motorcycle communication can play your favorite music or follow the GPS directions. Moreover, intercoms are known to be expensive.

    Wireless intercom headset communication system

    This type of communicator is designed to be worn on your head and start talking through the microphone near your mouth. Most products of this type are made to support multi-way wireless communication for group talking. For instance, the SYNCO XTalk wireless intercom headset can maintain a team conversation among nine people and transmit the information clearly at a certain distance. It meets a variety of group communication requirements, including assistive listening, sports coaching, TV or broadcast production, and guided tours.

    Handheld walkie-talkie comm device

    This type of 2 way wireless communication is also called the push-to-talk intercom, which mainly applies to outdoor sports and work, such as security patrol, construction, emergency services, and so on. They allow users to talk to each other through voice messages in a long distance, which is perfect for participants in outdoor activities must communicate clearly and easily with one another. 

    Moman snowmobile 2-way intercom for communication supports long-distance talking, music streaming, and phone calls.

    Three applications that you need wireless 2 way communication devices

    What is a two-way communication device used for? It can apply to diverse usage scenarios, such as motorcycle riding, off-road sports, and site activities.

    Motorcycle riding, biking, and go-karting

    Two way communication devices for motorcycles not only support wireless speaking between rider-to-rider and rider-to-passenger, but also enable riders and bikers to deal with phone calls, listen to songs, receive FM radio, and use GPS for directions.

    Helmet-mounted radio communication devices for motorcyclists and cyclists place high demands on sound transmission and noise reduction. They need to be able to filter out the wind and engine sounds that pour into the microphone while riding. In addition, a simple and easy-to-use design is necessary to ensure a safe road trip at high speeds.

    Skiing, snowmobile-riding, climbing, hiking, and other off-road sports

    A 2-way helmet communication is small, compact, and robust and is unquestionably a good choice for extreme sports. It lets you keep in touch with your teams in case of emergency, Small robust waterproof radio comms function very well for most enduro riding, hiking, skiing, and climbing. This device is easily accessible and usable while wearing gloves when dealing with messages from your friend.

    Touring, conferencing, live performing, and other site activities

    This portable 2-way communicator is ideal for tourism as a mobile and durable tour guide euqipment, which offers hikes, city tours, factory tour, engaging museum visits. It ensures information is delivered clearly and effectively in noisy environments like factories or when teams are dispersed.

    Moman two way communication device for motorcyling and riding uses advanced Bluetooth tech, ensuring clear and stable speaking of two person.

    How to choose the best two way communication device?

    If you have the requirement to buy a two-way or multi-way comm, then you should consider a few things when buying except for the types and usage scenes. It includes sound quality, ease of use, battery runtime, communication channels, and additional features.

    Audio quality: Can the long distance two way communication devices ensure clear and stable talking?

    Users must be able to hear and be heard clearly. Steady conversation should be made quick and easy using the wireless two-way communicator system. Users may be heard thanks to the comm without being overpowered by other passersby or background noise. 

    Even while staying aware of your surroundings is essential, you still want your journey to be improved with clear and stable calls, interesting podcasts, crisp music, and accurate navigational hints. Choose hands-free two-way communication devices that have a well-balanced bass that enhances your music without overpowering other parts, and a pure middle for crystal-clear vocals and spoken content.

    Ease of use: Does it have a convenient and simple operation to use?

    You should confirm that the 2-way comm has all the functionality needed to make sure you and your friend can use and maintain it with ease whenever needed. It is suggested to look for intercoms with easy-to-use controls that let you change tunes, adjust volume, and answer calls without having to fiddle around too much. Voice-assistant control would be great, which ensures 

    Long battery life: Is the two way communication system durable for long-lasting activities?

    We recommend using long-lasting and quick-charging two-way communication devices to maintain the tours, rides, activities, and events at peak performance levels, fully charged and ready easily. At a reasonable cost, it offers the best possible performance and unparalleled value.

    Communication channel: Can it add more speakers and turn to a multi-way comm system?

    Two way communicator can help you stay in touch and communicate important information about the situation. However, the need to talk in group is usual. It is simple to organize many tours or workgroup activities at the same time. So it would be better if the two-way intercom could add more comms into the conversation.

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