Many photographers and videographers who use high-end HD video cameras are looking for a trustworthy and versatile power supply all the time. However, it is always having trouble finding one. If you are trying to get a battery for Blackmagic 6K Pro that is best for you, then this blog is what you need to read. 
  • What battery for Blackmagic 6K Pro do photographers use?
  • How to choose a power supply for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera?
  • How to use a BMPCC 6K Pro battery solution?
  • How to store a power source for Blackmagic 6K Pro properly?
Moman v mount battery for Blackmagic 6K Pro features diverse charging ports for different needs: USB-A, USB-C, BP connectors, and D-tap interface.

    What battery for Blackmagic 6K Pro do photographers use?

    Here are three common types on the market that a majority of cameramen would use: The v-mounts, power grip, and battery pack. The main advantages of each kind are introduced as follows:

    Blackmagic 6K Pro v mount battery with outstanding capacity

    High capacity and extended runtime: BMPCC v mount batteries feature an outstanding large capacity of up to 500Wh for powering high energy consumption video camera Blackmagic 6K and 6K Pro. They have recharge cycles of 500 to 3000 times. Also, they have an extended lifespan of 8 to 10 years, worth your investment for long-term use. 

    Elevated energy density: They have a higher energy density for storing more power in compact size. Even when they are idle, their low self-discharge rate guarantees little loss of capacity.

    Increased security and stability: Because they are made by strict international safety standards, v-mount camera batteries for Blackmagic have stable cores and are resistant to risks. 

    Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K/4k battery grip

    Enable steady field filming while charging: Taking pictures in the field may be steady and less shaky if you have a grip on the camera since Blackmagic 6K Pro battery grips are made to help you hold the shooting device better. Making crisper, more defined pictures is considerably simpler when your hands are in relaxed, natural postures.

    Promote the convenience of swapping built-in battery: The purpose of a battery grip for BMPCC 6K Camera is to increase the total working life of the equipment. Having a grip would be helpful if you ever find yourself in a scenario where you need to replace your cell packs. It gives you quick access to the battery tray so you can replace dead ones with new ones in a matter of seconds without having to take apart your camera setup.

    Small battery pack for Blackmagic cameras like NP-F or LP-E series

    Compact and lightweight body: This type is distinguished by its remarkably portable and lightweight construction. They are designed to be put into the battery slot of the Blackmagic 6K Pro for powering, which makes it the perfect option for portable power solutions.

    Quick replacement for instant full-power: If you don't want to shoot with the Blackmagic 6K Pro while charging, then purchase a spare small cell pack as a backup. Switch to a backup power supply and you'll instantly have a fully charged BMPCC camera to continue shooting.

    How to choose a power supply for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera?

    Selecting the appropriate power source will guarantee that your Blackmagic 6K Pro Camera operates effectively, safely, and without reducing its service life. Let's have a look at some of the factors you should think about when buying a battery for Blackmagic 6K Pro.

    Battery capacity: How long can it support a Blackmagic 6K Pro for photography and videography?

    The amount of time a battery can hold a charge depends on its capacity. Although a larger capacity type would hold more charge, it could also be thicker and heavier. You should examine the specifications for your filming mission and estimate the approximate shooting time and power consumption before buying a power source. Make certain that the Blackmagic 6K external battery you select has enough capacity for long shooting sessions.

    Compatibility with your device: Is its battery suitable for charging your BMPCC 4K or 6K?

    Confirm that the chemistry of the power solution and charger are compatible is essential. The unsuitable ones may not charge properly and may even sustain damage to the camera equipment. Before thinking about the rated power and features of a BMPCC 6K Pro battery, find out its category and chemistry by consulting its labels, packaging, or any accompanying documents. 

    Weight and Size: Does the Blackmagic 6K Pro battery enjoy great portability for carrying?

    Lightweight camera setups are more comfy for you if you are the kind that always has to carry around their equipment. In particular, the weight and size are important considerations for photographers who are always on the road. Choosing a battery for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro that is small and light guarantees portability without sacrificing power.

    Manufacture reputation: Is it made from a reliable brand and company?

    Reliability is mostly determined by the cells utilized. A battery manufacturer may be exercising care if they withhold information about their cell producer. For example, it is written on the product website that Moman best v-mount battery for BMPCC 6K Pro uses inbuilt Grade-A cells and has a dependable BMS system. However, the majority of respectable companies will actively promote their supplier. 

    Product Warranty: Can the quality and durability of the BMPCC 6K Pro battery be guaranteed?

    You can determine a manufacturer's level of confidence in their goods by looking at their warranty. Manufacturers who provide 2- or 3-year warranties do so because they are confident in the longevity of their products. Products with a guarantee of less than a year should be avoided.

    Moman best external battery for BMPCC 6K Pro is able to charge a variety of photography equipment, including monitor, LED light, stabilizer, and so on.

    How to use a BMPCC 6K Pro battery solution?

    The three kinds of power solutions mentioned above have different charging methods: 

    BMPCC 6K Pro v mount battery: You need a charging cable to connect the v-lock power supply and the Blackmagic camera. Push the power button and wait for the indicator lights on, and then the electricity transmission starts. Most of these types have multiple charging ports for different charging requirements. Take the Moman v mount battery for Blackmagic 6K Pro Power 99 as an example, it features Type-C, USB-A, BP, and dual D-tap ports for powering photography devices. 

    Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera battery grip for 6K Pro: Users can simply install the grip to the bottom or side of the BMPCC camera. Confirm the connectors are attached and work, and you can take photos or film videos conveniently during the power delivery. 

    Blackmagic 6K Pro battery pack: Take out the original in-built battery inside the Blackmagic Camera, then replace it with the new and fully-charged one. You can begin recording right away.

    Tips to utilize the Blackmagic 6K Pro power supply safely

    When at all feasible, pay attention to the following advice to get the most out of your batteries safely:

    • Recharging them with various capacities, brands, or ages at the same time is not recommended. It is not recommended to combine them for use.
    • Try to avoid using them in extreme environments and temperatures. When exposed to high or low temperatures, all the best batteries for BMPCC 6K Pro—even those made to withstand severe temperatures—can see a reduction in performance. 
    • When the camera is using wall outlet AC electricity to power single-use (non-rechargeable) BMPCC batteries, remove them from the device. By doing this, the gadget protects them from any slight drain on their power reserves. 
    • Never light a fire using a power supply. If you do that, they can burst open and release their contents. Moreover, refrain from placing them in a metal container where heat could accumulate.
    Moman Power 99 BMPCC 4K and 6K Camera Battery is user-friendly for beginner film makers. It has 99Wh capacity for long-term use.

      How to store a power source for Blackmagic 6K Pro properly?

      Here are a few things to remember while keeping it properly and prolonging the Blackmagic 6K Pro battery life. 

      • keep them out of the sun, heat, and water, and away from kids to prevent accidents. 
      • Keep them out of the way of jewelry and other metallic items, and keep them dry. Ensure that the container in which they are kept is non-conductive.
      • Charge the battery to a certain power level before a long storage. This prevents the self-discharge from draining it during the storing.
      • If you have not used it for some time, kindly take out the batteries of the Blackmagic 6K Pro Cameras. It is to prevent possible leakage, swell, and heat up.
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