Even a tiny mistake may make you start over when recording a short video. Tension can easily cause you to miss the interaction with the off-camera audience during your speaking. These issues plague a lot of TikTok video content makers, but there's a way to overcome them. It is the time to use a teleprompter for TikTok. We'll look at the best prompter picks and how to utilize and read from them in this post to improve your TikTok video content and attract more viewers.
  • Four benefits of using a teleprompter for TikTok
  • Best three picks of TikTok prompting equipment at Moman
  • Do you need a teleprompter App for Tiktok?
  • How to set up a prompter device for TikTok video recording?
  • How to read from a TikTok teleprompter?
Moman teleprompters for TikTok work with camera, tablet, and mobile phone. They are easy to set up and use.

Four benefits of using a teleprompter for TikTok

Using a teleprompter to produce TikTok videos, you may read your lines while keeping eye contact with the audience by having your script or text shown on the reflecting glass in front of the camera lens. The following are four main advantages of this tool:

It saves your time by reducing retakes: It puts an end to remaking short TikTok films repeatedly. Retakes are less necessary when you use a teleprompter to stay on course, which can effectively save your time and promote efficiency in recording.

It helps you to deliver content with confidence: By using a prompter and reading from it, you may present your content with assurance that you won't forget your lines and details. You may perform more naturally and calmly.

It keeps your eye contact with the viewers: Eye contact and interaction are important for audience engagement, and a teleprompter allows you to do it while speaking. 

It makes you look professional in the videos: Using a teleprompter for TikTok aids in keeping you looking put-together and businesslike. You can bid farewell to unprofessional and unsteady performance by reading smoothly. The TikTok prompter is extremely helpful if you have to talk about expertise or introduce products in a short video.

Moman MT12 professional teleprompter for TikTok video recording provides a HD display of 12 inches. It is ideal for vlogging, interviewing, etc.

Best three picks of TikTok prompting equipment at Moman

Teleprompter has revolutionized TikTok video creation. Film, write, and interact with your followers in a way that has never been done before. Now that you are aware of the benefits, we recommend the three best picks at Moman PhotoGears for different applications.

Moman MTRX best TikTok teleprompter rig with RGB ring light

Moman MTRX TikTok teleprompter and RGB ring light combo enables you to have a bright and fine portrait effect. It is ideal for Youtubers, live streamers, etc.

The unique feature of Moman MTRX is the RGB ring light with it. It has 35 lighting effects and 3000K-6000K color temperature for creative TikTok videos. Also, its White, Warm, and White Warm modes can ensure good-looking skins and vivid scenes in the video image, which is perfect for beauty vloggers.


  • Imaginative TikTok videos
  • Beauty vlogs and tutorials
  • Product reviews and introduction videos

Moman MT2 best-budget small smartphone teleprompter for TikTok vlogs

Moman MT2 small smartphone teleprompter for TikTok vlogs

Moman MT2 is a portable TikTok teleprompter for smartphone recording. It measures 270*260*165mm and only weighs 1000g including the shroud and glass. A small tripod, which is also a handheld grip, is included in the package for various usages. You can use it for TikTok video production while moving around freely.


  • On-the-go travel vlogs and lives
  • TikTok street interviews
  • Live streams, podcasts, and video records on phones

Moman MT12 premium camera teleprompter for recording TikTok videos

Moman MT12 camera teleprompter for recording TikTok videos

Moman MT12 is a large-size teleprompter for cameras. It provides a 12-inch HD display and offers a 15-inch wide reading range for a comfortable using experience. It is built to be metal one-piece construction, being heavy but outstandingly robust. It is ideal for indoor TikTok video making, podcasting, and live streaming.


  • Indoor long film production for TikTok
  • Commercial product introduction
  • Professional and educational videos
With a portable prompter, you can create TikTok and YouTube videos effectively since it can saves your time by reducing retakes.

    Do you need a teleprompter App for Tiktok?

    Yes, you still need an App to prompt text for you after getting a TikTok prompter device. It can do a lot of things for you for comfortable reading and natural speaking. Moman teleprompters are customized to use with the Moman Prompter App, which is free to download and versatile. You have flexibility in how you prepare your material with the app. 

    First of all, you have to write a script and upload it in text or PDF file to the App. Or you can create it directly in the software input box. You may customize the text size and speed settings in the app to suit your tastes. Strike the ideal balance between presenting your information organically and making the writing easy to read.

    Moman Prompter App is a free and customized applications to use with Moman teleprompter devices. It supports iOS and Android systems.

    How to set up a prompter device for TikTok video recording?

    Prepare the theme of the films you are going to make ahead of time and utilize the teleprompter for TikTok to smoothly carry forth your intended vision. Before utilizing it for recording, here are four simple steps to set it up.

    Pick an appropriate background to position the prompter rigs

    Your TikTok video's overall vibe is greatly influenced by the background you choose. Try experimenting with several backdrops to see what complements your message and niche the best. Keep in mind that your video's background determines its mood and ambiance.

    Build up a solid base for supporting the teleprompter for TikTok

    You'll need a sturdy base to hold the teleprompter for TikTok video filming to begin. It's a smart move to attach it to a tripod or monopod that works with your device and includes height and angle adjustments. If you are planning to record TikTok on-the-go vlogs or do street interviews with a small teleprompter like the Moman MT2, you can mount it on a portable handgrip.

    Install the prompting device and recording device tightly 

    Make sure your phone or pad can be firmly attached to the clamp for prompting scripts. To avoid any accidents during the recording process, a secure connection is necessary. Adjust the tripod so that your recording equipment is either at eye level or slightly above it. This makes it possible for you to read the content comfortably and still deliver it in a lively and natural way.

    Install the fill light and microphone on the TikTok teleprompter for videos

    Utilizing different screws and standard bases, you can mount other must-have devices like the LED light and shotgun mic on your camera or teleprompter for TikTok. They usually come with the appropriate connector and the right accessories included in the package.

    After the installation is done, you can upload your text to the prompting devices, do tests and make adjustments, and finally start recording TikTok videos or live streaming.

    Moman MT12 large-size teleprompter for TikTok filming is made of solid metal. It features clear beam splitter glass for prompting.

    How to read from a TikTok teleprompter?

    Teleprompter equipment is a great resource for TikTok influencers who want to keep a polished appearance. Now that everything is set up, press the record button to begin recording. Here are some tips for you to read like a pro:

    Use some colloquial words in speaking: To engage your audience, you can use more colloquial language to tell a story as if you were talking to them. Also, it is advised to try a variety of content distribution strategies to maintain viewers' attention.

    Do not forget your body language: To improve your message, talk, keep your posture straight, and use the right motions. Your presentation should be enhanced by a teleprompter, not hindered by it.

    Maintain a proper reading pace: When you talk, the teleprompter for TikTok can be set to scroll the text automatically. However, you can also use the remote control or foot pedal to make it keep up with your own pace. You can pause at any time and speak off the cuff to interact with the viewers.


    To sum up, if you use a teleprompter for TikTok, you can greatly improve your video production, do away with retakes, and produce professional material. You may improve your TikTok videos or lives by using the prompting device. Keep in mind that creating engaging content is essential for success on TikTok, and a teleprompter might be your secret weapon for doing just that. Don't pass up the chance to increase TikTok engagement and produce amazing scripted videos.


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