When reading from a prompter device, there is an area where you shift your gaze from side to side while you read the text. The person watching you will perceive your eyes darting back and forth. Even if it's a tiny movement, it will divert the viewer's attention and undermine the illusion that you're delivering something fluid to the camera.

How to read a teleprompter without moving your eyes? We can't avoid this problem entirely, but we can try to minimize the movement to give you a more natural look.

  • What affects the eye movements when reading from a prompter device?
  • How to read a teleprompter without moving your eyes?
How to read a teleprompter without moving your eyes? You need to place it at proper distance and height for comfortable reading.

    What affects the eye movements when reading from a prompter device?

    Does teleprompter improve eye contact? Yes, but you will also move your eyes to read from the prompting glass. Consider what happens when you read a line of text of a teleprompter to get an idea of why backing away from the device helps to reduce eye moving when reading a teleprompter.

    Starting from the left side of the text line, your eyes go over to the right. The text will have slightly scrolled up the screen by the time you finish the left-to-right eye movement, so you repeat the teleprompter eye movement to give the impression that your eyes are scanning back and forth.

    This eye movement now creates an angle between your eye, the left of the text line, and the line's conclusion. The angle that the spectator must look through will be huge and obvious if the line of text is fairly long. However, if the text line is made to appear shorter, the eye's angular movement will likewise be decreased or eliminated. In such instances, there won't be any eye movement visible to the spectator.

    Moman eye to eye teleprompter uses clear splitter glass for prompting scripts. You can read from it easily and naturally.

    How to read a teleprompter without moving your eyes?

    Utilizing an eye-direct teleprompter, you may keep your gaze on the audience while making your next point without glancing off-camera. It takes more time to rehearse and become comfortable with your topic while using the device. Here are three methods to read a teleprompter like a pro:

    Choose a teleprompter App that supports font size editing

    It will reduce eye movement as you read each line the closer your text is to the lens. You can also compose brief and conversational words simplifies the process greatly. To ensure you know what to do for setup on the day of your shoot, spend some time getting to get familiar with the eye to eye teleprompter and the App on the tablet in advance. The following features are important to consider while choosing a teleprompter app:

    • Alternate the background color and font size.
    • Modify the speed of the scroll.
    • Support TXT, PDF, or JPG files uploaded.
    • Identify the text's location on the screen.

    Place the eye contact teleprompter at an appropriate distance

    Setting up a teleprompter at the proper height and distance is an essential step to consider when utilizing one. An excessively close-up shot makes it much more obvious that you are reading since the eyeball movements.

    When the tripod was mounted too high and the teleprompter speed was set too quickly, you may thus need to look up to keep up, which results in unnatural performance. To prevent this from happening to you, position your tripod and camera at eye level and take some practice recordings.

    Practice to improve your expression and pace during reading

    Your body language, loudness, timing, and natural pauses can attract more attention and make people notice less of your eye movement during teleprompter. With a little awareness and intention, you can control your sweeping hand movements, rocking, and uhs and hms. Work is required, but practice makes perfect.

    After you read your script aloud, make notes on the passages you want to stress, the words you want to highlight, and the places you want to pause. Even spaces might be left for tales or ad-libs to add to the natural flow of your presentation. Make sure you move your head and body in the same way you would in a normal conversation. Practice pacing, varying the level of your voice, and include natural pauses.

    Moman MT1 portable eye-direct teleprompter is ideal for video recording, live streaming, online class, etc.


    How to read a teleprompter without moving your eyes? In summary, you can read and look good by stepping away from it until you can no longer see any movement of your eyes. Alternatively, utilize a smaller teleprompter design or edit the font size if you have limited studio space.


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