Lighting is a crucial part of the video production process, helping to change the tone of your films or photos. And with so many options available, it can be challenging to decide which video lighting equipment will be the best for your work. Today we will give you a few directions to choose from.

  • Why do you need to set up an illumination source for videos?
  • LED video lighting equipment at Moman PhotoGears Store for recommendation
  • Which size of the light is more suitable for you?
  • How bright video lighting equipment do you require?
  • Except for the brightness, what other specifications should you consider?
  • Other types of video lighting equipment for beginners you may need
COLBOR studio light equipment is packed with a handheld carrying case, which can store the video light and the accessories such as the reflector, the charging cable, and the external power source.

    Why do you need to set up an illumination source for videos?

    Illuminating sources is an essential part of the video creation process. Here list three reasons why lighting needs to be carefully managed when filming a professional video.

    • Boosts the final video effect. Video camera lighting equipment affects the brand and reputation of the business — everything must meet professional standards!
    • Establishes the tone and mood. Dark settings may evoke a feeling of intrigue, while bright settings and constant lighting evoke happiness.
    • Assist in keeping people’s attention on the main point. In order to draw attention to specific parts of your video that you want the viewers to focus on, you can do everything from concentrating on the interviewee for an interview to the product for a product launch video.

    LED video lighting equipment at Moman PhotoGears Store for recommendation

    Here we will introduce the best three types of studio lights with their own characteristics.

    Specification table for CL60R, CL100X, CL220 comparison









    Standard: $319.00-$359.00

    Plug for US, UK, JP, EU





    Color Temperature Range


    2700K~6500K (±200)

    2700K-6500K (±200)

    Light Working Voltage

    DC 20V 4A

    DC 20V 5A

    DC 48V 5.2A

    COB Output Power




    Max Power Output

    80 W

    120 W


    Quiet Cooling Mode (<28dB)

    Control with App

    V-mount Battery Charging

    ✓(By Type-C)

    ✓(By Type-C)

    ✓(By three core cannon head)

    Body Material

    Aluminum Alloy+ABS

    Aluminum Alloy+ABS

    Aluminum Alloy+ABS






    From the table above we know that all three are powerful Bi-color RGB lights. They all have extremely high CRI ratings and color temp to provide extraordinary video images. Also, they all can be charged by v mount batteries, like Moman Power 99 Pro with Type-C, BP, D-tap, and USB output port. The biggest difference is the maximum brightness they can output, and their size as well. Let's learn more about them through the text introduction and video comparison below.

    1. COLBOR CL60R – Portable for individual photography

    • Video comparison: What are the differences between CL60R and CL60? (English)


    COLBOR CL60R video studio lighting equipment boasts a 97+ CRI and is the only RGB player in the CL60 series. With the supplied Reflector, it offers a fairly steady output of 22974 lux at 3.3'. In addition to a wide CCT range of 2700K to 6500K, the CL60R delivers complete colors with variable brightness and color levels. Up to 3,600,000 colors can be shown in HSI mode. To match the ambient level, the light intensity is likewise adjustable, ranging from 0 to 100%.

    2. COLBOR CL100X – Compact while strong and sturdy

    COLBOR CL100X lighting equipment for home studio and outdoor filming, has a compact and robust body in size of 	 152*80*90mm and weighs 800g. (Light Base Not Included)

    It has an exceptionally small continuous light construction made of aviation-grade aluminum. The 800g CL100X portable video lighting equipment is only 15.2x8x9cm in size. Additionally, 46 settings and the 10 different types of built-in effects may all be individually modified to meet the demands of the scenario. A cube lighting matrix may also be created with several CL100X of max 110W output owing to the special and cutting-edge "Power Cube" design, which the CL60R features as well.

    3. COLBOR CL220 –lighting equipment for outdoor video

    • Review video: What is special about CL220 compared to CL100X? (Japanese)


    COLBOR CL220 can produce up to daylight-balanced of 108000 lux, or 6500K at a distance of 1m when using the included reflector in the package(Standard version Only), which is a lot more powerful than the CL60 series and CL100 series. It can also simulate ten different effects, allowing you to carefully create a unique atmosphere. The yoke has an integrated receiver for an optional softbox, umbrella, etc.

      Which size of the light is more suitable for you?

      There is no standard strategy since every YouTube video producer has a unique style, from unfiltered vlogs to elaborate studio settings.

      1. Portable one for on-road and travel photography

      A compact and lightweight choice would probably work best for you if you frequently shoot on the go. You should look for one that can be powered by batteries and maybe one that can connect to your phone or camera directly. COLBOR studio lighting devices are all designed to be portable for handheld yet mighty, making them great shopping options for you.

      2. The larger one with more power output for studio or home shooting

      You might choose a mains-powered light if you're working in a temporary studio outside of your house. Larger LED types of lighting equipment in the film are suitable since they provide respectable levels of brightness while yet being able to collapse after filming. Larger diameter ring kinds are also a wonderful option to take into account since they may provide excellent one-light coverage and can illuminate objects from all angles.

      3. Fixed lighting sets for long-term shooting locations

      A more robust studio-style light may be more appropriate for more permanent settings as you won't likely be as concerned about mobility. The highest output and the biggest selection of modifiers and accessories are often found in studio lights, allowing you to customize them to meet your unique requirements. However, they frequently call for bigger supports and heavier diffusers, which means they will require more room to set up.

      You can control the COLBOR CL100X DSLR video lighting equipment by your mobile phone, and check for the real-time lighting status on the screen.

      How bright video lighting equipment do you require?

      What affects the brightness level that you should choose for your video light? The type and how you want to utilize it will. When you make a purchase, you can focus on the following parameters to find the right kind.

      • Watts: It can indicate both the amount of energy the device uses and the amount of light output it produces. When it stands for the latter, the higher, the stronger.
      • Lumens and Lux: They both are units of the illuminating measurement. The higher, the brighter. Lumen is short for LM and is also called Luminous flux. 1 Lux equals 1 Lumen/ m2.

      Most video lights identify their approximate brightness in lumens, 1500 lumens being roughly equivalent to a 100-watt bulb. You'll have more versatility and be able to record your films at a lower ISO (the sensitivity of the camera's sensor) for smoother footage if it is brighter and dimmable. Though lighting equipment for outdoor portrait requires brighter illumination are frequently heavier and more expensive, it can occasionally be just as effective to place a dimmer light a little bit closer to your subject.

      Almost every COLBOR studio light product for sale at Moman comes with an illumination form in the user manual for your reference.

      Except for the brightness, what other specifications should you consider?

      Single-color and Bi-color RGB studio lights both are saled at Moman. Like COLBOR CL220, it features a dimmable brightness and adjustable color tempreture range.

      1. Color rendering index/CRI rating for richer and more natural images

      To achieve correct skin tones, you must know how true to life the colors will seem when enlightened. This information is provided by the CRI. The better the rating, although any light that has a rating of 90 or greater should function just fine.

      2. Color temperature for creating a different sense of videos

      The color temperature in video lighting equipment is particularly crucial if you intend to use mixed lighting. You've probably observed that although interior light might appear warm and yellow, brilliant sunshine can feel chilly and blue. The majority come pre-set with a daylight color temperature or a kelvin value of about 5500K.

      Single-color and bi-color temperature lights both can be found in Moman. Purchasing just daylight-balanced kinds will work well if you intend to capture using only specialized videography lighting equipment. However, you'll need one that can be tuned to 3200K or a tungsten setting in order to match the warmer indoor illumination if you're planning on recording with a combination of illuminating setup and conventional incandescent ones.

      Other types of video lighting equipment for beginners you may need

      Here we talk about three common kinds that show up at most photographers’ studios. You can also find budget camera-mounted panel lights at Moman PhotoGears Store.

      Moman panel fill light ML9 can be mounted on your cameras or camcorders, and creates special shooting moods.

      1. Panel lights

      • This professional video recording lighting equipment comes in a variety of sizes and price points, so you may find them on both huge production sets and small, personal projects. But as LED has gained popularity, it has also gotten less expensive, more intelligent, and simpler to use, making it a perfect complement for any kind of shoot.

      2. Umbrella lights

      • It was really beneficial when learning how to manipulate three-point lighting setups and use them to show your subjects. They take roughly the same amount of time to set up with their stands as softboxes, but they are a little bit simpler to put on and take off if you occasionally want to shoot with direct spotlights.

      3. Softbox lights

      • Pros: They genuinely aid in diffusing natural light to provide lovely soft illumination on your objects, being the best lighting equipment for Youtube videos. To soften the harshness of standard spot ones, softboxes have large, pillowy covers that light up uniformly and brilliantly.
      • Cons: Because they are so vast, they take a little longer to set up and are a little more difficult to concentrate on and manage.
      COLBOR CL220 is the new arrival at Moman PhotoGears Store. It has four kinds of plug as options, including the US, UK, JP, and EUR plugs.

      Image Source: Matsu Channel on YouTube


      The cost of video lighting equipment varies, from the cheap and simple to the more expensive and dependable. But it is necessary to find a suitable one and then invest for high quality and long-term use. Hopefully, you will find the right illumination tool for size, brightness, performance, and applications with this guide.

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