You may need a powerful studio LED light in photography filming, or add more light to your home with LED strip lights in holidays. They are available in an array of forms, sizes, colors, and styles. As a result, you could eventually need a lithium battery for LED lights, which features excellent charging efficiency and high energy density.
  • Different kinds of lithium batteries for LED lights
  • How to choose the best battery to use for LED lights?
Lithium batery for LED lights can be used in outdoor recording, taking photos, vlogging, live streaming, and so on.

    Different kinds of lithium batteries for LED lights

    Before choosing the best lithium battery for LED lights, you should get to know about three normal types of it: V-mount li-ion battery, NP-F and LP-E, and a small power pack for LED.


    V-mount Li-ion Battery

    NP-F and LP-E Battery

    Lithium Battery Pack






    Wide Range of Voltage

    Fixed Voltage Range

    Fixed Voltage Range

    Power Output

    Different Output Choices

    Moderate and Fixed

    Low and Fixed


    Relatively Heavier and Bulkier

    Lightweight and Compact

    Lightweight and Compact


    High-power Camera Lights and Studio Lights

    Camera LED lights

    Small Strip LED Lights

    V mount lithium battery for LED camera light and studio light

    In photography, v-mount li-ion batteries are frequently utilized as power sources for LED lights, cameras, monitors, and other devices. It has a unique V-shaped connector design that firmly fastens to the camera and offers a robust and steady power supply.

    Compared to other types, v-mount lithium batteries for LED lights provide a number of important advantages. With their increased capacity, you can shoot for longer periods of time between battery changes. Additionally, they are more compatible with a wider variety of LED lighting types, which is very useful for pros that use many cameras. Multiple accessory connectors on V-mount batteries allow other devices, such as lights or displays, to receive direct power.

    NP-F and LP-E battery for LED panel light

    This kind of lithium battery for LED lights is also used to charge video cameras, monitors, and stabilizers usually. Their compact size and steady output make them ideal for charging panel fill lights with LED beads for continuous illumination. However, because of the limited power output and capacity, they are not able to charge high-end studio lights.

    12V lithium battery pack for string LED light

    When you utilize a lithium battery pack to power your LED strips, the possibilities are infinite. They are the perfect choice for Christmas strip LED lights and another decorative illumination tool in the room. They are budget, mini, and easy to buy and use. They are usually designed to have 12V stable power output for mini LEDs.

    V-mount lithium battery for LED lights is ideal for kinds of applications, including photography works, portrait shooting, and others.

    How to choose the best battery to use for LED lights?

    The following factors must be taken into account when selecting a lithium battery for LED lights:

    Charging cycles: Does it have a long life span for long-term use?

    Since energy storage devices are always in use and being charged and discharged, they need a high cycle life. Depending on how many charge and discharge cycles a battery can withstand before seeing a noticeable reduction in performance, various battery types have varying life cycles. The lifespan of modern lithium-ion batteries nowadays is longer.

    However, these warranties vary greatly depending on the kind that is utilized for energy storage. Every cycle of charging and discharging reduces battery capacity. When lithium-ion batteries can only hold 70% to 80% of their capacity, they are nearing the end of their useful life. Some v-mount lithium batteries for LED lights can even survive for around 500 cycles, which is worth your long-term investment.

    Voltage and amperage: Does it have stable and compatible voltage and current for your LEDs?

    Lithium batteries for LED lights are available in a multitude of forms, sizes, and amperage and voltage combinations, along with various cell types. A three-cell battery's voltage may reach 12.6 volts when the power packs are completely charged, which is more than enough power to run an LED strip with a 12 V DC rating. Like the AA or AAA battery pack, the NP-F and LP-E lithium batteries for LED can provide a steady and fixed output. While the v-mount lithium power supply has various output ports with different ranges of voltage and amperage.

    Run time: Can the lithium battery for LED lights provide a long runtime for continuous illumination?

    How long the lithium battery will last to power the LED lights? Numerous factors come into play, including the kind of LED you're using, how many LED strips you use, and the battery pack's milliampere hours.

    Take the LED strip light as an example, a 5-meter strip will generally run for 5-7 minutes on a single-density strip and 3–4 minutes on a double-density strip for every 250 mAh that is used. You may choose the one that will be most suitable for your application based on that estimate. If you are a photographer who frequently uses high-power video lights like COLBOR CL100, you should choose the v-mount lithium battery with high-capacity storage. It can support high-power illumination for hours during video recording.

    Compatibility: Can the rechargeable lithium battery for LED be used for wide applications?

    A lithium battery can be used in a wide range of applications, powering a decorative LED strip, camera lights, or video lights. It works best in a mobile setup when there isn't a power supply or enough space for wiring. When you use batteries to power your LED strips, the options are unlimited, whether you want to use them for business or play. However, we should consider a more applicable choice with various connection methods and wider power output ranges.

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