Bicycle Bluetooth headset comes with wireless tech, a long enough battery life to support you on long bike rides, resistance to wind and rain, the ability to answer calls while you're out and about, and the ability to control music without pulling out your phone. Today’s buyer guide will introduce you to the three best headsets for sale at Moman PhotoGears, and tell the way to choose one.
  • What are the best bicycle Bluetooth headsets at Moman?
  • What should you consider when buying the best Bluetooth bicycle helmet headset?
  • FAQs about Bluetooth headset for cyclists
Moman H4 bicycle Bluetooth earphone is durable, compact, and budget. It can be used in cycling, jumping, climbing, and other sports.

    What are the best bicycle Bluetooth headsets at Moman?

    Every style has advantages and disadvantages. To be the perfect partner for life on two wheels, they must have a few essential characteristics, though. 

    Comparison chart of three best Moman Bluetooth headsets for bicycle riding

    This form simply lists the main specifications of Moman H4, H4 Plus, and H4.

    Moman H4

    Moman H4 Plus

    Moman H4R





    Bluetooth Version




    Working Time

    5 Hours

    32 Hours

    32 Hours

    Standby Time

    160 Hours

    360 Hours

    360 Hours

    Charging Time

    2 Hours / Type-C

    2 Hours / Type-C

    2 Hours / Type-C

    Frequency Range




    Voice Activated

    Water Resistance




    Moman H4 best Bluetooth headphones for bike riding at US$25.99

    Moman H4 Bluetooth helmet headphone for bicycle features voice-assistant for picking up calls, playing music, and listening to radio.

    Moman H4 is for sale at US$25.99, which is much cheaper than its competitors. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 tech and EDR to connect to your smartphone for music, calls, or navigation. Its sound quality is mediocre, with the bass being overpowered by wind and louder traffic noise when you are wearing a half helmet. But if you're searching for a reliable and affordable bicycle earphone, it might be worth a try.

    Moman H4 Plus best budget Bluetooth headset for bicycle helmet at US$23.99

    Moman H4 Plus bicycle Bluetooth headset is designed to have 32-hour working time and 360-hour standby time for riding.

    The audio technology of Moman H4 Plus produces a very powerful sound experience. Its primary selling point is a 32-hour battery life for working and 360-hour standby time. They are waterproof to IPX6, so they will withstand the inevitable downpours you experience. With a convenient fast-charge feature, it should last you through most biking or motorcycle riding. 

    Moman H4R top Bluetooth helmet headset for cyclists at US$29.99

    Moman H4R wireless Bluetooth headset for cycling provides high-quality audio and long runtime for daily bike riding or racing.

    The Moman H4R bicycle Bluetooth headset has excellent build quality, a unique RGB light design, a long battery life, and sound quality that surpasses most in-ear competitors in this price range. It features an advanced voice assistant and more possibilities for universal fits. Though this is a typical problem with helmet headphones, they didn't handle greater ambient noise very well.

    Moman H4 cycling headset uses Bluetooth 5.0 tech for connection to your smartphone. It is easy to wear and operate even at high-speed.

    What should you consider when buying the best Bluetooth bicycle helmet headset?

    Selecting the right one for your bicycle riding might be challenging because there are many options available. When choosing the best cycling headsets, keep an eye out for these key characteristics.

    Type: Which kind of Bluetooth headset for bicycle riding with microphone should you wear?

    You should confirm that the headset is comfy. Winged earphones might not fit if you are aware that your outer ears are sensitive. Similarly, you might not like bone-conduction bicycle headsets if even slight pressure on your temples causes headaches. When purchasing the best one, it's essential to assess how your head and ears have typically responded to different experiences.

    • Air conduction: This type sends sound waves to the eardrum by traveling a short distance through the air, whereas bone conduction Bluetooth headsets send sound waves through your skull. 
    • Bone conduction: This kind of bike Bluetooth headset is less likely to result in auditory fatigue, ear infections, and impairment of hearing. They could, however, find it difficult to block out greater background noise and provide a full, well-balanced listening experience when riding because they leave your ears wide open.
    • In-ear air conduction: This kind is designed to let traffic noise into your ear canals. Some use an integrated microphone to detect background sounds. 

    Make sure your bicycle Bluetooth headset fits securely, whether they are air or bone-conduction models. 

    Sturdy body: Does it feature great durability and water resistance?

    Water resistance is a must for your earphones whether you're riding indoors or outside. IP ratings for water resistance range from 0 to 8. We advise purchasing earphones with an IPX2 rating at the very least. This is ideal for casual commuters who don't anticipate perspiring a lot while cycling. Biker enthusiasts with higher levels of intensity should only accept an IPX4 certification. In this way, water sprays from all directions are prevented. To put it another way, a headset with an IPX4 rating ought to withstand both your most intense workouts and some rain. Anything better than IPX is only the cherry on top.

    Comfort: Can the Bluetooth handsfree bicycle helmet headset ensure comfortable wearing?

    Additionally, you should confirm that the headset is comfy. Used earphones cannot always be returned to the seller. Winged earphones might not fit if you are aware that your outer ears are sensitive. Similarly, you might not like bone-conduction headphones if even slight pressure on your temples causes headaches. When purchasing the best headset, it's essential to assess how your head and ears have typically responded to different experiences.

    Battery life: Can it last for hours or days for bicycle riding?

    The battery life of your cycling digital headset device is quite important, particularly if you enjoy lengthy rides or don't want to deal with the inconvenience of constant charging. Rapid charging is already a common feature on headsets, making them ideal for last-minute top-ups before a ride. A more accurate assessment of battery performance may always be found by reading user reviews.

    You can control Moman best bicycle Bluetooth headset through the buttons on the microphone speaker, or speak to utilize the voice assistant.

    FAQs about Bluetooth headset for cyclists

    Is it legal to wear a wireless Bluetooth bicycle helmet headset?

    States in the USA have different laws. Some forbid riding with headsets or headphones completely, while others make it unlawful to bike with both ears covered. While it is not against the law to ride a bicycle in the UK while using it, it is against the law to ride too carelessly. It is prohibited in some European nations, including France and Spain, and doing so can result in a large punishment. You should research local laws before purchasing the best Bluetooth headset for cycling.

    Is it safe to use a Bluetooth headset while cycling?

    There has been a lot of discussion on this subject. People who oppose riding with headsets say it makes it harder to hear oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and other cyclists. Others argue that listening to music while cycling impairs concentration, citing limited auditory perception in a study by Dutch researchers. Still, others raise concerns about diminished awareness of potential bike malfunctions. However, it is legal to wear a bike-riding Bluetooth headset on the road in a lot of areas while it requires you to pay attention to the road condition carefully.

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