Camping trips may lead you to breathtaking scenery, expansive views, and unique natural landmarks. Part of the excitement is getting to see these stunning places through the lens of your shooting devices. How to charge camera battery when camping since you'll be in the middle of a wide field or woods with no access to electrical outlets? In the following sections, we'll cover three ways to charge in camping and talk about technicalities so you may maximize the life of your battery pack.

  • How to charge camera battery while camping?
  • Tips to prolong the runtime of your camera batteries when camping
  • How to charge the digital camera batteries while using it in camping?
You can use power bank, solar panels, car battery to charge battery while camping

    How to charge camera battery while camping?

    Considering the feasibility, simplicity, convenience, and cost, we suggest three methods for campers as well as photographers to charge camera batteries outdoors quickly and safely. It includes charging by power bank, solar panels, and car battery.

    Charge by portable power bank or external battery pack via USB cable

    For the majority of campers, this is most likely the simplest and most practical approach to charging camera battery while camping. Utilizing a compact power bank or v-lock external battery is a popular way to keep the camera charged. The majority of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have the ability to use a USB connection to charge internal ones. One USB cable can be connected directly to your camera and the power supply. This will assist in the recharging process as you hike or unwind at camp.

    Utilizing a high-capacity v-mount camera battery with various output ports, you may able to power the whole photography rig. For example, the Moman Power 99 features two D-dap ports, a USB Type-C interface, a BP connector, and a USB-A slot. It can power up digital cameras, monitors, LED lights, wireless transmissions, and other devices.

    Charge digital camera battery through solar panels when camping on sunny days

    Using a portable solar panel to charge your camera batteries while camping is your next option. This is a fantastic and convenient method of using solar energy to power your inbuilt battery packs like LP-E6 or NP-F series. They may be charged while you camp with your solar panels installed, which is lightweight and easy to use. Just connect your camera with the solar panels with the USB charging cable to deliver power.

    However, there are problems with this way of charging camera battery in camping. The primary disadvantages of portable solar panels are their potential weight, the length of time it takes for the sun to charge them, and their inability to power in inclement weather.

    Power by the car battery of the vehicle you drive to camp

    You can enjoy the convenience of charging in the car if you are camping with your vehicle. To keep your camera batteries charged, you may connect the charger for your shooting device to this outlet. It is quite an adaptable method due to its simplicity and convenience. You need to prepare the compatible USB cable first, and do not try to charge during driving since it may fall from tremors.
    Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to choosing this solution to charge camera battery while camping. Campers won't be able to carry it with you if you want to go farther into the woods on a hiking trip. Also, if the voltage and current of your car battery power output are not suitable, the rechargeable shooting device might be damaged in the power process.

    It is an ideal option to charge your digital shooting devices with v-mount camera battery during camping, which has high capacity and compact body.

    Tips to reduce power consumption and prolong the runtime of your camera batteries when camping

    Except for finding ways of how to charge camera battery while camping, you can know the tips to prolong its runtime for continuous shooting. Maintaining fully charged batteries may be your primary concern, but there are other things you can do to extend their lifespan when camping.

    Lower the brightness of the camera monitor screen in the LCD Settings

    The brightness setting of the camera screen monitor is the first parameter that has to be changed. While viewing your recent shot on the screen of LCD is wonderful, it is the most active component and will consume the main energy of the battery. Reduce the screen brightness by going to the monitor settings area. To save as much energy as possible, you might choose to totally switch off the screen if your battery is truly dying.

    Turn off the wireless connection options to make your camera battery last longer

    The next thing you need to do is disable your camera's wifi option in camping. The wireless connection is used to share or update data from your camera when connecting to TVs or Wi-Fi. As a result, your camera battery will be wasted since it will keep trying to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz. Locate the wifi setting in the settings menu, select it, and turn it off. By doing this, you may extend the life of your battery by preventing your camera from attempting to detect a signal while you're camping.

    Switch off the automated sensor cleaning setting on your digital camera

    The automated sensor cleaning is the next setting you should disable on your camping journey. You may choose to turn it off, but it also depletes the camera battery. The recording device will be fine if you are concerned about the sensor becoming damaged since it isn't being cleaned. To receive a daily cleaning, you may switch this option back on at the end of the day. You may switch it on again once you're back in the city, but for now, the goal is to extend the life of your digital camera battery while camping.

    You should bring an external power supply to prepare for charging digital camera batteries in camping. It can offer you long runtime for continuous shooting.

    How to charge the digital camera batteries while using it in camping?

    You can get a portable external power source connected straight to your camera if you want to charge and use it at the same time during camping. This will guarantee that the camera battery is continuously receiving power. You need to prepare two things beforehand.

    Adjust the camera battery settings for external battery charging in camping

    Go to the camera menu and look for external charging settings. This is a new feature of some digital cameras coming out in recent years. If you connect the power source and camera by PD cable directly, it may pop up the window to ask your next step. After setting up, you can charge camera battery while camping and keep recording at the same time.

    Buy a qualified charging cable with a suitable length for convenient using

    The power delivery cable is also an important part of the charging process. You need to find one that has a length that is not too long or short for simple operation and has a compatible connector for your camera battery and external power supply.

    Install a camera cage or other mountings for the external power supply

    There are two options if you want to charge your camera using a portable battery: either get an extremely long USB cord or get a camera cage and attach the external power supply to the shooting device.

    Having the mount makes moving around seem a lot more instinctive and natural. Getting a v-lock mounting plate for your mighty v-mount camera battery can not only ensure continuous charging but also may provide you with more adapter ports for the photography kit. If you are using a battery grip to charge, you will probably not need to buy an extra mount, but it is more secure to install a camera cage in case of dropping.

    Mounting a camera battery rig or v-lock mount battery to your cameras or camcorder, may need a camera cage or v-mount adapter plate.


    It is worthwhile to make the effort of carrying your bulky camera in order to capture the breathtaking views and amazing memories from a camping vacation. Ensuring you have enough battery life to shoot those pictures is a logistical problem, but it's worth the work.

    You may choose to utilize a compact power bank, go for the cutting-edge portable solar panels, or charge in your car with compatible outlets to charge your camera batteries while camping. During your vacation, you may maintain the operation by choosing any of these three alternatives. Hope you learn from the blog and enjoy your next camping vacation with a long-runtime camera battery.

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