You may have some knowledge about communicators. However, you might not be quite clear about how do motorcycle intercoms work. You may use this digital cordless communication system while riding or racing. It all comes down to the breakthrough of short-range networking via radio waves. You can choose from a variety of regularities and systems. However, everything is dependent upon the kind of product or brand you purchase. 
  • How do motorcycle intercoms work?
  • FAQs about using the motorcycle helmet intercom
Moman motorcycle intercom features easy mounting and using. It supports wireless communication, music streaming, etc.

    How do motorcycle intercoms work?

    Through the use of a microphone, motorcyclists may speak with one another using motorcycle intercoms. They use Bluetooth to link two riders who are riding the same bike together. They send high-quality audio so that even at faster speeds, discussions are audible.

    In addition, the motorbike Bluetooth intercoms have several features including automatic volume adjustment, voice commands, and wind-noise reduction technologies that make it simple to customize the settings to suit your needs. These motorbike communication devices are an excellent choice for lengthy travels in a variety of weather situations because they are often waterproof.

    For single motorcycle rider or bicyclist to use on the road

    For single users, a motorcycle intercom is only used to connect to a phone or sat-nav device. For commuters and solitary riders, a single motorcycle system is ideal as it provides you with the essentials like a Bluetooth headset while eliminating the communication features you are unlikely to use. For a far lower price, you will be able to get sat-nav instructions, listen to music, make calls, and take messages. 

    For two-way communication between two riders and driver-to-passenger

    A pillion-to-rider or rider-to-rider motorcycle intercom not only can connect to your smartphone or sat-nav device but is also able to wirelessly connect to other intercoms. It enables you to communicate with other riders who are hundreds of meters away.

    It has all of the characteristics of a single-rider system with the added benefit of being able to communicate closely with your pillion or fellow riders. This makes it ideal for any kind of travel companion. You won't need to learn how to tug coats, give hand signals, or just yell at each other anymore, which is dangerous on the road. 

    For group talking in motorcycle club or team during daily rides and races

    Some motorcycle intercoms only support two-channel connections, while some can be used for multiple communicators at one time. For example, the Moman H3 can pair six riders at one time for chatting. The latter type is ideal for riding groups and outings since it enables users to communicate with other riders from a distance. Different brands and products communicate with one another using different systems and frequencies.

    You can use it to communicate with other riders on your squad in real-time. In addition, a motorcyclist can notify the group if he or she needs to adjust the path or experience any engine problems. An essential tool if you enjoy group motorcycle rides is a motorcyle helmet communication. Even under the best of circumstances, group organization may be challenging. 

    Moman H2 features high-quality audio for communication and music playing. You can use it for riding, biking, jumping, climbing, and so on.

    FAQs about using the motorcycle helmet intercom

    How to pair motorcycle intercoms between riders?

    Many wireless radios support automatic pairing, such as the Moman H1, H2, and H2 Pro motorcycle Bluetooth intercoms. Simply press the power switch for seconds and they will automatically connect when in use range. Of course, they also retain manual operation, just follow the instructions in the user guide. You will observe the LED indicators light up, proving the successful connection.

    How to connect intercom to mobile phone?

    Just like connecting your usual Bluetooth headset for listening to music, you just need to find the Bluetooth option in your smartphone's "Settings" and turn it on, turn on the walkie-talkie and put it nearby, and your phone will be able to search for it. All you need to do is connect it to your phone. Some motorcycle radios can connect to two mobile devices at the same time. You can your motorcycle helmet intercom connect to your cell phone and Bluetooth remote for safe riding.

    How to deal with phone calls with the intercom for motorcycle?

    After connecting your mobile phone to the motorcycle intercom, you can operate it by pressing the buttons on the intercom. Or, some of them feature the voice-assistant function. You can wake up Siri or Google Play to make calls or reject calls for you by simply speaking out.

    Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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