A teleprompter for home use is a prompting device that shows text that scrolls. They are essential for giving smooth, polished presentations to the camera, and usually are used by professional podcasters, news anchors, and Youtubers for videos or lives. However, it is also helpful in daily life that you can use it to work from home, deal with business meetings, online classes, or make vlogs. This blog will introduce the best ones at Moman, and teach you the choosing tips.
  • Best teleprompter for home use you can buy at Moman PhotoGears
  • Seven factors should you consider when buying a home teleprompter
  • Three applications you can use the prompter at home
  • FAQs: What else do you want to know about the home studio teleprompter?
Moman best four teleprompters for home use are versatile, budget, and portable, ideal for video records, vlogs, etc.

Best teleprompter for home use you can buy at Moman PhotoGears

These are the top home teleprompter selections, providing a thorough comparison of the finest models on the market. Let's take a closer look at the best ones that are redefining the game in terms of producing video content.

Moman MT2 best compact teleprompter for home and on-the-go use

  • Price: US$79
Moman MT2 smartphone teleprompter for home use is portable and durable. It can be utilized for on-the-go vlogging as well.

Moman MT2 teleprompter for home use may be used in a variety of situations, regardless of whether you're using a DSLR camera or your phone to record. It is small and lightweight, being able to be used at home or on-the-go video recording. You can install it on a handheld stabilizer for vlogging. Its distinct reflection effect of the beam splitter glass for prompting text is one of its standout features. Moman MT2 guarantees that the text shown is seen when recording, which helps to ensure a smooth production process. 


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Support using a 10-inch smartphone and pad as a prompter
  • A free vlogging tripod set is included in the package


  • Not compatible with bigger tablets for prompting
  • Limited reading range

Moman MT12 large-size teleprompter device for home use

  • Price: US$149
Moman MT12 professional home studio teleprompter provides wide reading range and clear text reflecting.

Moman MT12 has a broad adaptability that enables you to use it with a variety of video production settings, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, tablets, and smartphones. With its industry-standard beam-split glass and 70/30 visible light transmission, it provides excellent performance with legible and readable text reflections. Furthermore, MT12 requires no assembly because of its one-piece construction, which is built of metal and durable.


  • 12-inch display glass for a wide reading range
  • Stable mounting on tripods, monopods, stabilizers
  • Metal one-piece structure for long-term home use


  • Relatively more expensive than other options
  • Bigger and bulkier than the portable phone teleprompter

Moman MTRX top home prompter with RGB ring light combo

  • Price: US$95.99
Moman MTRX is a iPad teleprompter with ring light combo. It features 35 lighting effects for kinds of usage.

Moman MTRX is a combo with RGB ring light, which makes it one of the best home teleprompter options for business meetings, training films, news reporting, seminars, and ads. It provides versatility for different camera configurations. You can show your best look in front of the camera lens thanks to the bright ring light and creative modes.


  • 70/30 beam splitter glass for clear text prompting
  • ABS wearable materials for versatile uses
  • 35 RGB lighting effects and dimmable brightness


  • Does not fit large-size pads like the Moman MT12

Desview T3 best-value at home teleprompter for phone and camera

  • Price: US$99
Desview T3 large screen teleprompter for home can be mounted on tripod, monopod, or stabilizer.

Desview T3 has the superior beam splitter glass and unique coating method, which guarantees 75% light transmittance, text reflections on the high-definition display are readable and clear. Clear instructions make construction simple, and the portable construction makes storage and transportation simple. 


  • 4-section retractable clamps for mounting tablets
  • Supports 11-inch pad and phone as prompting device
  • BESTVIEW teleprompter App is customized to be used with the Desview T3


  • Require specific camera lens adapter rings for tight connection
You can use the Moman best at-home prompter for live streaming, making YouTube videos, and other applications.

Seven factors should you consider when buying a home teleprompter

Are you considering purchasing one of these best at-home teleprompters to create content? You must first identify what you're looking for before you proceed. The following are the things you ought to think about: 

Budget: Is its price worth your buying for long-term use?

Given that prompting devices are available at a range of prices, it's important to take your demands and budget into account. You can choose the small and portable type, which will be cheaper and newbie friendly, like the Moman MT2 small teleprompter for home use priced at US$79.

Portability: Is it compact enough for both indoor and outdoor uses?

Take the dimensions and weight into account. A small and lightweight home prompter can be more appropriate if you have to carry it around a lot or take it on trips. But if it remains steady, this issue becomes less significant.

Compatibility with various devices: Can it work with your phone, camera, and computer?

The teleprompter you select must be compatible with your camera, lens, and additional equipment. Making sure it functions with other gadgets you intend to use, such as PCs, tablets, or cellphones, is also essential. Certain teleprompters specify which devices must be able to run their software.

Text readability and adjustment: Can it provide flexible script editing for comfortable reading?

Make sure the teleprompter allows you to change the scrolling speed, typeface, and visible text size. Your eyesight and reading speed are only two of the many factors that will determine your specific needs.

Simplicity of setting up and using: Is it easy to install the home office teleprompter?

Select a home teleprompter that is simple to assemble and use. Setups that are too complicated can cause delays and irritation, especially in production situations that move quickly. It's important to read the reviews on the seller's website first to find out if it is straightforward to set up quickly.

Adaptability with different mountings: Can it be installed on a tripod, stabilizer, or other rigs?

Verify whether the teleprompter for home use has several mounting choices, including freestanding, tripod, and camera rig attachment. This adaptability may be crucial if you want to use a variety of shooting situations.

Control method: Does it support voice control for remote operation? 

Is there a foot pedal or remote control on the teleprompter for home to regulate the text scrolling? A lot of people overlook this small detail while evaluating the top ones. It's a little thing, yet it has a significant impact.

Moman MT12 is built of sturdy materials and one-piece construction.

Three applications you can use the prompter at home

Why do you need a teleprompter at home? We conclude with three basic use scenarios: Video recording, live streaming, and online meetings or classes. 

Video making: The home video teleprompter allows effective recording

If you frequently produce scripted material, such as news stories, instructional tutorials, business presentations, or running a YouTube video channel, a teleprompter for home use may be useful. When you want to record a video with long scripts, it ensures that you are accurately reading the words you have prepared. It also saves you from looking down at paper or away from the camera to quickly glance at the screen. You can see the lens directly while using a prompting device, so you won't miss a word. It is a popular tool for YouTubers and Tiktokers.

Live streaming: It provides important cues during the lives

By removing the requirement for the speakers to remember the lines, a teleprompter for home use helps guarantee you deliver the script properly and confidently while saving them a significant amount of time during the live streaming. You can upload essential cues in the scripts to make sure your live streaming is going smoothly.

Online meetings and classes: It helps you get more confident in front of the lens

More chances arise via your webcam than ever before due to the increased prevalence of remote employment, including online meetings, presentations in classes, auditions, interviews, etc. A work-from-home teleprompter may make you appear well-prepared and polished by moving in time with your voice and scrolling along with the tempo, pace, and delivery of your speech. They also give you more confidence while presenting and interacting with your audience, making them an essential component of every content creator's setup.

Moman MT1 small teleprompter for home supports remote control on phone and foot pedal.

FAQs: What else do you want to know about the home studio teleprompter?

Do YouTubers use teleprompters at home for video recording?

Yes, some YouTube video makers use the teleprompter at home to create videos more effectively. It saves time to remember the scripts and commercial content and is friendly for post-editing as well. The way the prompter devices are used on YouTube differs based on the creator's style and topic. Some prefer scripted content and may use them to aid with delivery. However, there are also some YouTubers who prefer unscripted or more spontaneous forms, and they don't utilize the prompter for home use. 

What is the best teleprompter App for home use?

Moman Prompter App is the best-customized teleprompter software that is free for iOS and Android devices. It has several professional-level capabilities and works with both smartphones and tablets. You can edit the text size, background color, and scrolling speed on it. Though it was originally designed for Moman teleprompters for home use, it can be utilized alone. The Moman Prompter App is a great substitute for those on a tight budget or for those utilizing a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


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