Most digital cameras provide a battery pack and charger as standard equipment, but users can also purchase an extra one to be on the safe side. The v mount battery could be a great option for you when choosing a digital camera battery. This blog will make a comparison between the two hot sales at Moman, Power 99 and 140, and find out their similarities and difference in the three parts.
  • How v mount battery replaces the lithium battery and How has it been upgraded?
  • What are the similarities between Moman Power 99 and Power 140?
  • What are the differences between the two best buy digital camera batteries?
  • What’s the conclusion of this digital camera battery review?
Moman Power 140 is versatile v lock battery for digital cameras and bmpcc 4K, 6K, etc.

How v mount battery replaces the lithium battery and How has it been upgraded?

As one of the most popular battery mounting systems on the market, the v-mount was developed by Sony for its video cameras. This kind of digital camera lithium ion battery slides down in a V-shape from top to bottom to lock into place. It is also called A/B type, v-locks, BP type, or direction power source.

1. The renewal of public choice: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery vs disposable lithium AA or AAA type

The majority of contemporary digital cameras use lithium-ion batteries, which run at high currents. The camera may come with these. Laptops, PDAs, and other mobile devices frequently employ lithium-ion power supply. High discharge voltage and considerable energy consumption are two characteristics of Li-Ion batteries. Many businesses now provide rechargeable lithium batteries. When using a digital video camera battery, it has a range of 500 to 3000 recharge cycles, meaning it may endure for quite some time. These have a low self-discharge rate in addition to having a high specific electrical capacity. Additionally, they can function at a variety of temperatures and discharge currents. Performance-wise, lithium-ion batteries outperform conventional nickel-cadmium power sources.

2. The process of product upgrade: Comparison between the old and new v mount batteries


The old type

The new type


Huge, about twice the size of a battery with the same capacity

Palm-size, convenient for mounting on the camera rigs and carrying out

Battery cells

Unknown and unsafe

Panasonic/Samsung cell

Recharge cycles

About 500 times

Running up to 3000 times

Max. current output

About 10A

Reach to 15A


Short for types and counts

Ports increase and thus be able to charge different cameras

Moman Power 99 is designed to have types of output ports for charging different devices, including cameras, wireless transmission system, etc.

As can be seen from the table, the quality of the v mount battery is constantly improving, the digital camera battery life can last longer, and the technology applied is becoming more and more advanced. Now the modern type is more durable, strong, and safe. As an important member of the professional photographer equipment, it can be taken in outdoor activities, such as field filming, wedding video shooting, and other scenarios, to charge for your digital cameras and all kinds of devices with the applicative slots.

What are the similarities between Moman Power 99 and Power 140?

  • Unboxing video: Moman Power 99 compact v lock battery

1. Portability: Both the two batteries for digital cameras come in pocket size and are made of durable materials

Moman Power 99 is 2.87*1.93*3.94inches and weighs 530g. Moman Power 140 is a little bigger with a size of 105.0mm*79.6mm*55.5mm and a weight of 713g, still compact though. It is simple to hold them in the hand or place them in a denim pocket since they are just like thicker cell phones. It won’t take up a lot of room in your equipment kit. Additionally, this external battery pack for digital camera is thought to weigh comparatively less in comparison to the majority of other brands on the market. When you have a portable photography setup with numerous devices placed on it—such as a camera, an external screen transmission, a fill light, a shotgun microphone, etc., the little box won't be a major burden, but it may sustain the power supply for nearly all of the group's gadgets simultaneously. It's difficult to imagine  how these little batteries can store such a significant quantity of energy.

2. Capability: Moman Power 99 and 140 similarly enjoy a high-quality performance

Moman Power 99 is a type of battery for digital cameras that can charge 200 Watts of several devices simultaneously while you're shooting, which includes director monitors, cameras, and LED studio lights with v-mount battery plates. Dual D-tap outputs allow you to charge additional devices, such as field monitors, image transmitters, and camcorders. For charging tablets, telephones, and other mobile devices, there are two USB outlets.

The Moman Power 140 is also capable of supporting the charging of high-power devices and the simultaneous power supply for multiple devices with different interfaces. It provides safe and efficient output thanks to the built-in protection system preventing the possible problems of overheating, over-charging, and others.

Moman Power 140 can be easily mounted on the cameras rigs and it won't add much burden for you since it is compact and lightweight

3. Compatibility: The kinds and number of the ports stand for diverse applications

Basically, In addition to digital cameras, a considerable number of photography peripherals and electronic products are now powered by v-mount batteries, especially products that require large wattage output, such as photography lights, battery powered digital camera, LED lights, monitors, electric remote rods, and so on. Further, professional cradle systems and stabilizers will also come with v- mounts, allowing monocular cameras, small cameras, etc., to be powered by the v-mounts. In addition, it is also suitable for mass consumer products such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

What are the differences between the two best buy digital camera batteries?


Moman Power 99

Moman Power 140



Regular price$169.00

(Not Avaliable)

Battery Capacity


equals to 3.5pcs of F550 Battery


equals to 5 pcs of F550 Battery

Maximum output

200W, 15A

150W, 12A

Built-in Cells

Eight 18650 grade A cells

Eight 21700 grade A cells

Aviation Standard

Check with Lugguage / Hand Carry

Hand Carry Only

Kinds of Ports

2 D-tap slots, 1 BP slot, 2 USB-A slots and a D-tap input charging port

2 D-tap slots, 1 BP slot, 1 USB-A slot, 1 USB-C slot,  and D-tap & USB-C input charging ports

Moman Power 99 and Power 140 both has a small construction yet being strong enough for high-end devices

The Moman Power 99 and the Power 140 are the best rechargeable batteries for digital camera. Their capacity is quite different. The former is 99Wh and the latter is 140Wh, which is nearly half more capacity. Power 99 can perfectly meet the charging task of the whole photography setup in a continuous on-go shooting, while Power140 is more mighty on this basis, which shows how amazing its charging ability and battery life are. In addition, the former’s capacity is under 100Wh, which can be checked with luggage under the control of some airlines, while the Power 140 lithium-ion battery can only be safely packed for carry-on under careful observation. As you travel, you will need to consider different regulations regarding the number and capacity limits of high-capacity batteries.

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What’s the conclusion of this digital camera battery review?

Both Moman Power 99 and Power 140 are undoubtedly great digital camera batteries, and bmpcc 4k v mount batteries with high-performance as well. There are similarities and differences between them. After all short place can make up for a strong point, still buy to buy the highest configuration? Not surprisingly, people spend a lot of time choosing a digital camera battery. It's just so confusing. While high volumes provide reassurance and flexibility, they also represent more constraints. So do you need that much capacity? It depends on your daily needs and budget.

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