Maintaining fully charged and prepared equipment is essential for outdoor photographers in order to capture those flawless moments. The Blackmagic Pocket Camera external battery is an excellent way to supply power when filming on the road. This thorough tutorial will go over three things to think about before buying the best one, which includes the type, specifications, and applications.
  • Types: Which kind of Blackmagic Pocket Camera external battery should you buy?
  • Specifications: What performance of the external battery for BMPCC do you need? 
  • Applications: When do you use the external battery for BMPCC?
Moman Power 99 Blackmagic Pocket Camera external battery is compact and high capacity. It features dual D-tap ports, USB-C, USB-A, and a BP charging interface.

    Types: Which kind of Blackmagic Pocket Camera external battery should you buy?

    Comprehending the distinctions between different types of BMPCC power solutions is imperative to guarantee that your equipment functions efficiently and fulfills your shooting requirements. To assist you in selecting the best one for your videography work, let's examine the features that each kind offers, including v-mounts, gold-mounts, battery grips, power stations, and solar power banks.

    V mount Blackmagic production camera 4K external battery

    V Mount batteries are made for professional usage and offer steady power for Blackmagic cameras, studio LED lighting and other necessary equipment. The design of v mount battery for Blackmagic Pocket Camera is wedge-shaped, and it glides and locks into position. Thanks to its ease of use and adaptability, high capacity and density, and multiple charging options, the v mount has become increasingly popular and is now used by many power supply manufacturers throughout the globe. 

    Gold mount power supply for BMPCC

    For many years, the gold mount system, created by Anton/Bauer, has been the industry standard. Its three-stud design, which firmly secures the external battery pack for Blackmagic cinema camera into place on compatible devices, is what sets it apart. In addition to the different installation methods, it and the v mount have many similarities in performance. It guarantees a steady and dependable connection and is known for being dependable and long-lasting, they may be used extensively in a range of shooting conditions.

    Battery grip for Blackmagic Camera 4K, 6K, and 6K Pro

    The number of batteries that may be used in a camera is increased using a battery grip, an attachment in the style of a grip that houses many cell packs. This will significantly extend the working life of a camera. Typically, this type of Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K external battery is located near the bottom. The grip design is helpful because it enables you to hold and stabilize the camera correctly when it is used in a vertical posture, where its bottom faces the side. 

    Power station external battery pack for Blackmagic cinema camera

    Mighty power stations can provide a dependable and practical supply of electricity for charging Blackmagic cameras, particularly in isolated areas. You never have to worry about running out of juice since you can charge Blackmagic video camera anytime, anyplace. Furthermore, the most recent portable power stations come equipped with cutting-edge inverter technology, which guarantees a clean and steady power output and dependable, effective charging for your photographic equipment.

    Solar power bank for Blackmagic video cameras

    Through the use of innovative photovoltaic technology, this special Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera external battery can store solar energy to enable USB charging for BMPCC camera equipment. They function similarly to a little solar panel. It uses a rechargeable power panel to store solar energy for on-demand charging. Technology has advanced to the point where a variety of sizes and capacities are available. Even lighter and more ones are available to fit in your Pocket. 

    You can insatll the Moman Power 99 external battery for BMPCC 6K to the videography setup woth rods and rails.

    Specifications: What performance of the external battery for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera do you need? 

    A portable battery pack is the greatest friend and reliable backup of your camera devices. Here are some specifications to consider before purchasing one:

    Battery capacity: How long can the external battery sustain your Blackmagic cameras for recording?

    The first thing you should do is make sure a BMPCC external battery has enough power to charge your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K or 6K for continuous video recording. The capacity is the main specification to evaluate how much power the battery stores. A high-capacity power solution can not only power up your high-end BMPCC video camera, but also the whole videography rig, including external monitor, LED fill light, and so on.

    Charging speed: Can the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K external battery provide high powering efficiency?

    The amount of time it would take to fully recharge the portable battery pack is another thing to take into account. The charging speed is based on the input current. The majority of battery packs can handle currents of between 0.8A and 1.5A while the higher ones are usually found on the external Blackmagic batteries with larger capacities. 

    Safety: Does it have a stable core and built-in protection system?

    Given the numerous incidents of batteries blowing up, one would wonder if carrying a portable power pack is indeed safe. You should look for well-made external batteries with integrated safety systems to prevent overcharging, overheating, short circuits, and other problems.

    Durability: Is the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera external battery built with robust materials?

    Even if there are hundreds of portable battery packs available on the market right now, only a select number are likely to endure use and time. Durability should be given top attention and consideration. 

    You can use the Blackmagic external battery in professional move production, video recording, live streaming, etc.

    Applications: When do you use the external battery for BMPCC?

    Application scenarios will also have an impact on your choice of the best Blackmagic external battery. In different cases, we need to use the most suitable power supply to cooperate with our shooting, to have the best effect.

    Long-playing cinematic video production

    For professional movie producers and videographers who must maintain their battery life under challenging conditions, a high-capacity external battery solution for BMPCC 4K is essential. It is suggested to choose the v-mount battery for BMPCC, the gold-mounts, or the power station, which is suitable for high power consumption equipment and features several various charging options.

    Short and quick recording with BMPCC 4K external battery

    For short daily vlogging or video recording, a battery grip would be enough to meet your needs. Its power output is ideal for another one to two hours of shooting, and it is compact to carry and simple to install.

    Handheld camera shooting

    Portable power supplies have emerged as a necessary piece of equipment due to their robust and small design. A portable and lightweight BMPCC external battery solution benefits a lot if you are a cameraman who needs to carry the BMPCC setup on your hand or shoulder for hours of shooting.


    Having a Blackmagic Pocket Camera external battery allows you to power up your camera setup while you're on the road. More and more video producers are starting to include this tool in their list of essential camera equipment since it makes the filming process more continuous and smooth. Undoubtedly, purchasing a reliable and robust external power source offers long-term benefits.

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