About Moman

"Everyone could be Photographer and Filmmaker,
As the center piece is not about Skills and Gears,
But the Moments(Moman) of your daily life."

As the technology of Photography and Filming improves, it is easier for users to capture every moment in daily life with its real colors, shape, and motions, by the help of thousands of gears in the market.However, it is not always easy to identify the good ones with all those beautiful marketing on top of it.

With the aim to help our fans to get easy and affordable solutions to record important moments, since the establishment in 2017, Moman as a brand of Photography and Filming equipments has become popular in the market with its easy-to-use design and durable quality.

Instead of spending huge amounts of money in marketing, Moman spent more time and resources in testing, improving and sometimes redesigning products that don't have a good solution yet in the market. By working with reputable online retailers, we have minimized the cost of distribution and able to offer the most affordable price at its quality level to our fans.



Jun., 2017  Launch TR1 and TR1C as solution for tabletop tripod

Jun., 2019  Launch ML3 Series LED Video Light 

Oct., 2019  Launch ML6 Series LED Video Light 

Dec., 2019  Launch ML9 Series LED Video Light 

Dec., 2019  Launch Moman Tripods OCTA58

Jun., 2020  Launch MLX Series LED Video Light 

Jun., 2020  Launch Moman Monopod M65 and M65T