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Moman S6 wired lapel microphone has a 6-meter cable for long distance stable audio recording, presenting original rich soundMoman S6 is applicable to diverse devices such as laptops, cameras, ideal for telephone conference, video conference, etc.
Sale price$1.00 Regular price$19.99
Moman S6 Wired Lapel MicrophoneMoman
In stock, 44 units
Moman TR01 Red tabletop tripod features anti-slip design for better holding and a max payload of 80kgMoman TR01 mini desktop tripod Blue Black can be used to mount cameras and smartphones. It can be a handheld grip for video shooting as well.
Sale price$35.99
Moman TR01 Tabletop Tripod for CameraMoman
In stock, 84 units
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Moman TR01S mini camera tripod is made by the lightweight and robust CNC Aluminum. It can hold DSLR, phone, monitor, etc.Moman TR01S mini travel camera tripod is wearable and stable. It is maxload is 5kg for various photogrpahy devices.
Moman VBC v mount battery clamp is designed to a crab shape for easy installment and stable fixingMoman VBC has a max. diameter of 1.65 inches, which is 4.2cm. It can adapt to a wide range of rods
Sale price$29.99
Moman VBC V Mount Battery ClampMoman
In stock, 46 units
Moman VBP v lock battery plate is durable, lightweight, and versatile, featuring different interfaces for diverse applicationsMoman VBP is a multi-outputs VB plate with one power switch, two USB ports, a D-tap interface, and 4 DC Barrel slots
Sale price$79.99
Moman VBP V Lock Battery PlateMoman
In stock, 33 units
Fluid drag pan head Moman VH40 which is made of ultra-light aluminum alloy, is widely compatible with tripods, DSLR cameras, etc.Moman VH40 is in a compact size of 1.5inch*3.5inch with rubber non-slip mats, portable for outdoor photography
Sale price$29.00
Moman VH40 Tripod Fluid Drag Pan HeadMoman
In stock, 49 units
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Moman WF101 10.1 inch digital photo frame is a great option of birthday gift for photographer friend. It has high-definition display touch screen.You can download the Frameo App on your smartphone for free, and upload pictures to the Moman WF101 digital photo frame.
Sale priceFrom $85.99 Regular price$89.99
Moman WF101 Birthday Gift for Photographer Friend, 10.1 inch Digital Photo FrameMoman
In stock, 50 units
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