Moman V mount batteries vary by capacity, size, and color.
Moman V mount batteries mainly cover 70wh, 99wh and 140wh capacity.

Moman V Mount Battery

Palm Size, Max Power

To define a v mount battery, it is a mix of high-capacity cells with a distinctive “V” shaped mounting technique. It gains popularity among video creators who always publish their works on the web because it is able to power cameras, monitors, microphones, video lights and many other photography equipment. With good planning, you can forgo changing batteries even for an entire day when shooting with V-mounts.

Moman provides budget v mount batteries and battery solutions. The Moman Power Series starts from our Moman Power 99, the first generation V lock battery with d tap output, and develops with side screen that is built into the Moman Power 99 Pro. The Moman Power Max Series is a product line intended to “Maximize the Energy Density per Battery” - that is, our Moman batteries could power devices for a longer period compared with those at the same size.

Additionally, we also have battery accessories such as cables and plates to ensure your one-stop buying experience.

Reducing the size and weight is the bottom line for Moman PhotoGears. The switch to mini v mount battery is in accord with our mission to save your overall rig weight, bulk and size and to allow you to take a smaller, lighter camera build.

Moman Power Series

Being the first collection of v-mount batteries at Moman, they are designed to be carry-ons during the flight of which the capacity should stay below 100Wh.  

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99Wh Travel Battery Options

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Moman Power 99 Pro 99Wh v mount battery Black has an OLED dispaly screen on the side to show charging status. It's of compact palm size.Moman Power 99 Pro is of portable size, weighing only 540g. This li-ion battery is available to carry on plane.
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Moman Power 99 Pro 99Wh V Mount Battery with OLED ScreenMoman
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Moman Power 99 Touch 99Wh v-mount camera battery features a display screen for real-time monitoring. It has multiple interfaces for quick charging.Moman Power 99 Touch is equipped with USB-C, USB-A, D-tap, DC, and BP interfaces for diverse charging needs.
Moman Power 50 Touch 50Wh v mount battery is a portable yet mighty power supply for photography and daily use.Moman Power 50 Touch has a USB-A, a D-tap, a USB-C, a DC, and a BP ports for powering devices.
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Moman Power 99S v-lock mount external battery supports USB-C, USB-A, BP, and D-tap outputMoman Power 99S has a max 190W output and wide compatibility
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Moman Power 99S V-Lock Mount External Battery With USB-C/A OutputMoman
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Moman Power Max Series

The Moman Power Max Series is a product line intended to “Maximize the Energy Density per Battery”. Equipped with Grade-A 21700 battery cells, each battery of the Series contains 50% more power than those at the same size.

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50% MORE Power at the Same Battery Size

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