Antonio Perandrés, a camera and photographic equipment evaluation YouTuber whose channels have nearly 23k subscribers, got a package from us. And he reviews on the LED on camera light Moman ML1, talking about his most real user experience. Click the video and hear what he said!

ML1 enjoys a phone-size construction

The review starts with the appearance. Antonio holds the Moman ML1 in his hands and compares it to his phone. As you can see, this LED panel light for camera is compact and flat, no more than palm size, and even smaller than the smartphone. It is 120mm long and 64mm wide, and only 15mm thick, the closest phone size should be iPhone 13 mini (131.5mm*64.5mm*7.65). It can be easily held in the hand or smoothly fit into a pocket. Using the carrying bag in the package, which is comfortable and soft, it can be carried for daily use and vlogging on the go.

Moman ML1 on camera panel light is of phone size, being ideal for outdoor carrying

ML1 supports mounting on the camera or magnetically sticking

This camera light for video shooting is made of aluminum alloy with a weight of 145g. Thus, it will be mounted on top of the camera, or any bracket or device with a 1/4" thread, it will not bring a lot of burden to the handheld camera shooter, which is lightweight and mighty. As it's said in the video, it could a great and new idea to hook it with a carabiner some But what Antonio may have missed is that ML1 has a magnetic back that can be quickly and firmly attached to a metal surface without the aid of mounting or other props.

ML1 has indicator lights for three modes and battery power on the back

When you turn it over and you can see three light mode indicators and a battery level indicator. Which dot indicator is on shows which effect is currently used. As to the light for power display, in this form, it may be intuitive but not clear enough, but this design makes ML1 camera fill light save more unnecessary power consumption in exchange for longer runtime up to 8 hours. If you prefer to adjust to more accurate data and a more explicit power display specific to time units, Moman also has types with screen displays, such as Moman ML2D LED light panel for photography, where you can see the remaining runtime in hours, and others.

Moman ML1 RGB camera light has three dot indicators on the back to show the current light mode

ML1 RGB LED panel light’s operation is easy for starters to handle

Antonio shows us that ML1 has two buttons on the top. The one that is near to the Type-C port for charging, is used for switching among modes. The other one is the power button, a long press on it and you can toggle on/off of the video light for camera. Look at the side and you can find two sliding buttons for changing color temperature and brightness, very convenient and easy to master.

There’s also a review on Moman ML1 from HP Bikers’ channel, where it is introduced in a different way and style. This video focuses more on its functions and the effect of lighting on human figures.


ML1's package includes the fundamental accessories you might need

Moman ML1 is packed with a black velvet bag for carrying on daily shooting activities. a small manual explaining how to use it, a Type-C power supply cable for quick and stable charge, a hot shoe mount of rotating head for mounting on the shooting devices, such as DSLR, mirrorless cameras, Blackmagic cameras, and more.

ML1 LED on camera light provides diverse special effects for a rich picture

As mentioned above, ML1 has three modes. CCT mode supports color temperature changes from 3000K to 6500K. HSI mode supports RGB color at a range of 0° to 360° to meet your needs for different color illumination effects. For example, the illumination of super cold white bright, and police siren effect strobes and alternates blue and red styles. The tester in the video with one hand holding this RGB camera light demonstrates the various effects on the face within an arm's length. You can see that it is very bright and many styles convert, making the whole picture rich and full. This is because ML1 has 90 pieces of LEDs and a color rendering index of 95+, being astonishingly powerful. What’s more, the different modes of switching back and forth are also very fast and simple.

Moman ML1 camera fill light supports 21 special light effects, including lightning, warning, etc.

Specifications of Moman ML1

Number of LEDs

 90 pieces

Color Temperature Range


Color Rendering Index


Max Output Power


Emitting Angle



 100% brightness for about 2 hours


 low brightness for about 8 hours

Built-in Li-ion Battery Capacity


Charging Port


Input Voltage


Charging Time

 >2 hours

Body Material

 Aluminum Alloy





After watching these two review videos, have you become more familiar with Moman ML1 LED on camera light? It’s a good helper for outdoor vlogging or shooting with phones or cameras, filming artistical advertising shorts, recording youtube videos, live streaming, and more.


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