It's advisable to utilize wireless headsets for motorcycle helmets instead of leaving your hands off the bars when riding at high speed. This mini device can bring you a safe and convenient road trip with its versatile functions and simple operations on your mobile phones.
  • Best wireless headsets for motorcycle helmets you can buy at Moman PhotoGears
  • Five factors to consider when choosing a motorcycle wireless headset for helmet
  • What are the advantages of wireless headsets for motorcycle helmets?
  • FAQs: What should you know about wireless headsets for motorcycle riding?

    Best wireless headsets for motorcycle helmets you can buy at Moman PhotoGears

    Motorcycle riders need to make sure the Bluetooth devices they get for motorbike helmets is worthwhile. Similar to other Bluetooth items, its connection, battery life, and added functions might be inconsistent. Here we introduce two best picks of motorcycle wireless headsets for  helmets for you at Moman PhotoGears.

    Moman H4 Plus best wireless headset for motorcycle helmet

    • Price: US$23.99
    Moman H4 Plus compact wireless headset for motorcycle helmet does not feature the intercom function for communication, however, it can connect to your phone by Bluetooth. It supports voice activated operations.

      The backclips and velcros make Moman H4 Plus simple to affix to your helmet and ensure that it stays in place even when you drive quickly. An additional benefit is the integrated, patented voice assistant, which enables hands-free operation of the headset. The 40 mm HD speakers on the Moman H4 Plus contribute to its excellent sound quality. However, for some reason, it does appear to find it difficult to compete with wind noise.

      Key features

      • One-click voice assistant to use GPS, switch songs, adjust volume
      • Able to wirelessly connect to two mobile devices at one time
      • 40mm graphene vibrating unit for clear sound quality
      • Large rechargeable battery for 32-hour continuous speaking


      • Wireless Bluetooth Version: 5.3
      • Battery Life: 1000mAh Lithium Battery for 32-hour operating
      • Standby Time: 360 hours
      • Charging: 2-hour charging via Type-C
      • Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
      • Voice Activated: ✓
      • Intercom Function: ✗
      • Mobile Phone Connection: 2 phones at one time within 20 meters

      Moman H4R budget motorcycle Bluetooth helmet headset

      • Price: US$29.99
      Moman H4R motorcycle wireless headset for full helmet has RGB lighting effects for nighttime riding. Its 40mm speaker and 2.4GHz frequency band ensures clear and secure audio.

        Moman H4R may be the greatest and best-budget wireless headset for motorcycle helmets on the market. Wearing it is quite pleasant, and it is still very durable and waterproof for various weathers and situations. It is entirely dustproof and able to endure strikes from minor debris that may be kicked up from the road. Furthermore, the Moman H4R Bluetooth helmet headset also features intelligent voice commands to operate your mobile phone for calls, messages, music, FM radios, and GPS aviation.

        Key features

        • Wireless phone connection for signal rider use
        • 2.4GHz frequency band for low noise and disconnections
        • 16 magical RGB lighting effects for nighttime motorcycling
        • Smart voice control feature for phone calls, GPS, FM radios


        • Wireless Bluetooth Version: 5.3
        • Working Time: 32 hours /1000mAh Lithium Inbuilt Battery
        • Standby Time: 360 hours
        • Charging: 2-hour powering via Type-C
        • Frequency Range: 2.4GHz
        • Intercom Function: ✗
        • Voice Activated: ✓
        • Mobile Phone Connection: 2 phones at one time within 20 meters
        Moman wireless headsets and earphones for motorbike helmets are portable, versatile, and durable. They are waterproof, and can be used in a wide range of temperatures.

        Five factors to consider when choosing a motorcycle wireless headset for helmet

        How to choose the best wireless headset for motorbike helmets? Remember to think about five things when buying can make the whole process more simple.

        1. Wireless technology: What Bluetooth version is your wireless headset for motorcycle helmet use?

        Make sure that everyone is using the same type of wireless technology and is in agreement if you are using a communication headset and riding with a group. Only when everyone uses the same technology can they speak with each other. They should have the same Bluetooth version to generate the connection. Now the advanced tech is developed for Bluetooth 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, and even 5.3.

        2. Helmet Compatibility: Can it mounted on your motorcycle helmet?

        Additionally, the wireless earbuds in motorcycle helmets need to work with the particular brand and model of your head gears. You can use several speakers with different kinds of helmets since they are globally compatible. If you don't have a full-face helmet, though, you'll need to get a Bluetooth headset for half helmet. Included with this package is an adjustable boom mic. Place the microphone so that it is close to your lips but does not block your view of the road.

        3. Comfort and Flexible mounting: Does it have simple installation for ease of wearing?

        Comfort and safety are closely related. The gadget should go inside your helmet without getting in the way of your ability to see the road. The majority of gadgets attach to the helmet via a clip, so you may position them anywhere. Your ears shouldn't be harmed by the helmet's fit over the speakers. You shouldn't need to turn up the volume because the speaker of the wireless headsets for motorcycle helmets should be near your ears. When driving, it's better to keep things simple. It should have simple controls and a small form factor.

        4. Durability: Can the best wireless headphones for motorcycle helmet endure wear and tear in the rides?

        Your equipment will occasionally become wet because of rainy and snowy days. Additionally, there's a risk motorbiker could drop it into a puddle or snowfield. For reduced exposure to the weather, the clip should keep the headset unit firmly fastened to the inside of the helmet. Nevertheless, riders should still make an investment in a long-lasting device with waterproof construction. It needs to be totally impervious to water and resilient enough to endure some normal wear and tear.

        5. Legality: Does it meet the legal requirements in your area?

        Before you purchase a motorbike headset, find out the riding regulations in your area. Verify that the device you have chosen conforms with the law. For instance, if your state only permits the usage of one speaker, you need to be permitted to do so rather than two. Sometimes the best in-ear wireless headphones for motorcycle helmet are not allowed in some countries. The one that muffles traffic noises should never be used. It is still your responsibility to keep an ear out for any unusual noises or honking horns that can signal a problem with your bike.

        Thanks to the big buttons on the wireless helmet headset for motorcyclists and the voice-assistant feature, you can control it conveniently and simply.

        What are the advantages of wireless headsets for motorcycle helmets?

        Using a helmet headset that can be mounted in the rider's helmet and connect with your smartphone wirelessly, facilitates your riding journey in many ways. Here are six benefits of having the mini gadget while riding.

        1. It allows you to pick up or hang up phone calls safely during rides

        Generally, this goes without saying that using Bluetooth in your helmet makes the voice-command phone process simple. You have the freedom to decide whether a call is important enough to return, and you may opt to remain in the loophole for whatever long you choose.

        2. Wireless headsets for motorcycle helmets help riders receive or send urgent messages in time

        Motorcyclists will be notified when texts, emails, or communications from other applications become accessible thanks to the voice-activated feature. Taking dictation and reading messages aloud make it very easy to reply to messages in real time. All these operations can be done by the modern helmet headsets connected to your phone.

        3. It enables motorbikers to play and share music from their phone to helmet headsets wirelessly

        Anything you queue up on your smartphone may be sent to your wireless motorcycle headset in the helmet for viewing. This includes undoubtedly the music that you have stored on your phone, but you can also enjoy hearing audio from any kind of app or website that your phone is capable of accessing.

        4. Wireless helmet headphones offer voice navigation guiding in motorcycling

        Pulling out your phone to check a Nav display while you're in a foreign area is inconvenient, time-consuming, and may even compromise your security. It's simple to utilize your current phone to send audio instructions to your safety helmet as you travel because modern smart devices come pre-installed with navigation apps and are designed to operate with additional apps you may choose.

        5. It may support listening to different FM radios

        Many wireless headsets for motorcycle helmets come equipped with an FM stereo signal receiver. Thus, riders may listen to talk radio without using a mobile application, which reduces the amount of data minutes used and lengthens the life of your phone's battery. Additionally, some could have CB radio exchange capabilities.

        6. Motorcycle wireless communication headsets allow you to have conversations with other riders

        Some wireless motorcycle headsets and headphones feature intercom functions for conversation between helmet to helmet while some don’t. A regular conversation is impossible when you and your visitor are donning completely enclosed helmets. However, if you both own wireless Bluetooth technology, just hook up and utilize the intercom function to talk and listen to each other clearly and understandably.

        Moman wireless Bluetooth headsets, headphones, and intercoms for motorcycle helmets has easy installations and operations. They are portable, and comfortable to wear.

        FAQs: What should you know about wireless headsets for motorcycle riding?

        1. Are cheap wireless headphones for motorcycle helmets worth your buying?

        Comparably, budget wireless headsets for motorcycle riders can serve the same purpose as considerably more expensive ones. Usually, there are differences in the quantity of qualities between the two. However, even the most economical models typically include every feature you may need. Expensive designs frequently come with extra amenities that may make riding more enjoyable and easy, but most of those functions are not necessary.

        2. Can you use the helmet headsets for wireless communication between motorcycle riders?

        Some can simply connect to your smartphone for music streaming and phone calls, like Moman H4 Plus and H4R, while some feature the intercom function for wireless conversation in two-way or multiple ways. Direct communication between the best noise-canceling wireless headset for motorcycle half helmet is possible. This will come in especially handy when you observe anything noteworthy while riding. Rather than attempting to yell at your passenger or fellow riders over the wind, you will be able to inform them with clear and stable audio in the wireless Bluetooth headsets.

        3. Bluetooth vs Mesh, which wireless tech of motorcycle helmet headsets is better?

        • Bluetooth: As long as the motorcycle riders are within range, the group using a Bluetooth communication system can establish a connection with the next closest rider with the wireless headset. After that, the second rider will transfer the chain to the rider who is closest to them, and so on, until all of the riders are linked to the same chain. Without taking their hands off the handlebars, each member of the group will be able to speak without restriction.
        • Mesh: The operation of dynamic mesh communication differs slightly. When using a wireless helmet communication headset for motorcycles, each rider in the group is linked rather than having them all join up in a chain. After that, they will establish a direct connection with every other rider in the group. Other riders' devices will join the discussion when they log in. Everyone is directly connected to everyone other in this way.
        • Bluetooth versus Mesh wireless technology, which is better? Bluetooth and mesh technologies both employ radio frequencies for data transmission. However, only data sent to two direct links is sent via Bluetooth. Mesh builds a network of various connections among all members of the group. In theory, this might not seem like much, but in practice, it can make all the difference when riding a motorcycle.
        Motorcycle helmet intercoms

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