When it comes to recording, you may think the expensive equipment and complicated operation in the recording studio, the need to buy various professional recording equipment like sound card set, large diaphragm electret microphone, even build up a sound insulated booth. For utility-oriented and simple-purpose users, it will not only cost a lot to purchase and learn, but also seem tedious and complex to operate.

Actually, a USB microphone with a collapsible sound reflection filter could meet requirements on various recording occasions such as live-streaming, gaming, online conferencing, etc. Since 2020, online meetings have been usual on my schedule. I decided to try a easy-to-use microphone called MOMAN EM1 and it really impressed me. Thus, I am going to review it and maybe interest you in trying it yourself.

In short, MOMAN EM1 is a USB microphone and MOMAN RF30 is a microphone reflection filter. You could use the microphone independently if you take recordings at relatively quite environment, or use them together, creating a clearer mobile studio.

Specially, this EM1 microphone is not limited to computer/PC, but compatible with Android smartphone and iPhone(adapter required). Unlike some USB microphones, EM1 is out of devices’ confines and offers more flexibility for users.

EM1 supports plug-and-play, which means you don’t need to download and install separate software-all you need to do is plug it in. No batteries or setting required.

As a USB microphone, EM1 doesn’t ignore sound quality at all. It captures authentic voice and delivers clear audio. Combined with RF30, the 3-layer noise suppression shield helps create better recording space with minimum noise.

Let’s get much more about technical aspects. EM1 uses cardioid polar pattern and studio-grade diaphragm, so it can focus the audio capture on whatever is in front of the mic. With about -45dB high sensitivity and 20Hz-20kHz large frequency response, it almost covers sound frequency human can hear. The 48Khz sampling rate realizes nondestructive output, picking up every detail of your voice. Even recording in noisy environments, it could provide high clarity and abundant sounds.

The volume adjustment is quite simple. The microphone equips a rotary knob for stepless gain control, keeping your voice within comfort zone. And a mute mode is for stop recording quickly. When you have an emergency like a sudden visit or a phone call, you could take your time controlling the recording process.

EM1 has an independent real-time monitoring jack. Plugging in my earphone, I can directly monitor the audio recording and I don’t need to set up the monitoring function on the computer.

The mic holder features with ergonomic design. The special shape not only allows largely adjustable angles, but also keeps the mic more balanced and steadier, which is really nice. Some USB microphones I used before was possible to tilt when I adjusted it to some angle. The normal tripod holder couldn’t hold it well, due to the instability of the center of gravity. This holder solved the problem.

RF30 is a 3-layer noise shield which can reduce sound reflection effectively. Each layer plays its role well. the Absorbing Layer absorbs audio waves and prevents sound reflection. Filter Layer weakens sounds that cannot be absorbed. Reflective Layer isolates ambient noise without affecting sound clarity. It is made up of 5 folding panels with adjustable angle for optimal isolation. Collapsible, lightweight, easy to unfold, you could quickly start high efficient recording.

If you are new to use USB microphone, you may need to focus on how to set it up on your computer. Because some people feedback their microphone couldn’t be identified by their computers. Taking using it on WINDOWS 10 computer as an example,
After connecting EM1 to your computer with USB cable provided, you need to check if the microphone is access to your computer on “Privacy-Microphone” interface and select this microphone as the Input device. And if you use macOS system computer, you could refer to the instruction on the manual, which is clear to follow.

Using it on cellphone is much easier. With the offered USB to Type-C Cable, you could directly connect the microphone with Android phone. For iPhone, you may need a USB to Lightning adapter, which is excluded, for conversion.

EM1 supports much more video/recording software. Therefore, it is suitable for lots of occasions. I often use it for video conferencing on Skype. My families use it for live-streaming/ video recording on TikTok/YouTube, gaming, etc. Normally, I use it alone in my study, which is relatively quiet, so I don’t use the reflection shield. If you have higher demands to sound to some extend, like my sisters who records a podcasts, I would recommend you use with RF30 together. The multi-layer noise proof system could decease ambient back and side noise and prevent interference of sound reflection to microphone. From my personal experience, using the products from same supplier as a complete set can develop their utility to the most because the products have been tested many times, they would be more professionally compatible and adaptable.

Quick Compare
Compare Moman EM1 with the other two USB microphones. In terms of sound quality, compatibility, functions and quality-price ratio, MOMAN EM1 performs quite well.

Pattern Cardioid Cardioid Cardioid & Bi-Directional
Sampling Rate 48KHz 48KHz 48KHz/44.1KHz
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz 20Hz-20kHz 20Hz-20kHz
Monitoring Jack
On-Board Controls Gain/Volume/Mute Volume Gain/Volume/Mute
Compatibility PC & Smartphone PC & Tablet PC & Smartphone
Price $39 $99  $119

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