With many events over, the Olympics are coming to an end. Lots of spectators and sports fans certainly feel that there is more to be desired. As a saying goes, even the finest feast comes to an end sometime. In the upcoming Closing Ceremony, we could taste it a little longer. To unite the athletes and spectators into one whole is one of the Basic Policy of Closing Ceremony for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021. Let’s participate in it!



Use technology to include people outside the stadium .

Although most of the spectators can’t get to the scene, the Internet is the greatest bridge that connects people all over the world. We could take advantage of social media, through videos, pictures or words, to express, to pass and to cohere.

Celebrate the strenuous efforts of the athletes during the Games.

  • Tell the stories of athletes you like, describe how they inspire you and pass their spirits.
  • Collect and display their performances during the Olympic Games.
  • Congratulate, cheer or encourage the athlete you think as the best no matter what the result is.


How to Celebrate with MOMAN?

Reproduce the athlete’s life story without time and space limits. MOMAN C2 wireless microphone system could make your video production easier. Tell the stories of the athlete you support with your voice. What could be more meaningful? Surely, this wireless microphone system is also suitable for journalists to do living reports. By removing cables, they allow you to walk across the field and among the spectators, which makes your reporting more immersive.

Moman C2 Wireless microphone features:

  • Digital 2.4GHz technology ensures secure and stable transmission.
  • 180Hz optional low-cut filter minimizes specific low frequency noises.
  • Monitor recording effect during shooting in real time.
  • Support built-in and external microphone.
  • Widely compatible with smartphone, tablet, DSLR, camcorder, etc.


Apart from shooting videos at the scene, most of sport video bloggers probably choose to make videos at home, which is also a fantastic way to cheer up for athletes. When it comes to video sound quality, it couldn’t avoid the use of microphone. Generally, USB microphone is good enough to make match commentary. It takes you less effort and time to set up and connect to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Strike while the iron is hot! Grasp moments to say something for your champion!

Moman EMR features:

  • 192kHz/24bit studio-level retro sound reproduced
  • Inbuilt 16mm large diaphragm condenser
  • Triangle noise shielding technology
  • Simple desktop setup


Moman EMP features:

  • Premium sound quality
  • Inner-surrounded windscreen foam for noise isolation
  • Pulse light design
  • Touch button for mute
  • Compact form factor
  • Desktop use or boom arm hang


Sound can be recorded, transmitted and reappeared, turning into a kind of power that unites us together. Technology makes this happen without space and time limits. We could freely enjoy competitions, learn about sports spirits and connect with each other. In the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021, Moman is always keeping up with you.

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