We think that using a noise cancelling motorcycle intercom that is properly fitting and high-quality, is a must when riding. The small gadget featuring wireless communication, music streaming, and hands-free operation on a phone, can lessen the chance of hearing loss, ease tension, and improve the enjoyment of motorcycling and biking. Today we are going to introduce the best picks for you and talk about how to choose a suitable one.
  • Best noise cancelling motorcycle intercom at Moman PhotoGears
  • What to look for when buying a motorbike intercom except for the noise-reduction feature?
  • Why do you need a noise cancelling motorcycle Bluetooth intercom?
  • How to reduce wind noise while wearing a motorcycle intercom?
Moman H3 noise cancelling motorcycle intercom supports six pieces to pair together for group communication.

    Best noise cancelling motorcycle intercom at Moman PhotoGears

    Moman noise-reduction intercoms for motorcycle riders provide superior sound quality that surpasses many competitors on the market. The speakers are specifically calibrated for use in motorcycle helmets to improve sound quality when driving. Here we prepare two best-value options for you: Moman H2 Pro and H1.

    Moman H2 Pro best-value motorcycle helmet intercom with noise elimination

    Moman H2 Pro motorcycle helmet intercom with noise-reduction enjoys a long-distance transmission up to 1000 meters for two-way conversation.
    • Price: US$55.99 for single pack, $99 for two packs

    Moman H2 Pro noise cancelling motorcycle rider to passenger intercom is an excellent, entry-level Bluetooth communication device with a 1000-meter range. Its DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and CVC (Clear Voice Capture) intelligent chip of noise-cancellation is decent and sufficient for both talking, music, FM radio, and voice assistant to operate your phone hands-free. Additionally, the H2 Pro has a small 40mm Hi-Fi speaker for great audio.

    Moman H1 best-budget noise cancelling motorcycle rider-to-rider intercom

    Moman H1 motorbike rider to rider intercom with noise-cancellation can wirelessly connect two smartphones for handsfree operation. It is ideal for motorcycling, biking, jumping, and other sports.
    • Price: US$35.99 for single pack, $69.99 for two packs

    Moman H1 is a lot alike the Moman H2 Pro in terms of the noise-elimination feature: They are both equipped with the smart CVC and DSP inbuilt system and 40mm speaker. H1 uses Bluetooth 5.0 tech to provide stable communication up to 500 meters. No matter how much wind is present, the crystal-clear microphone and speakers of Moman H1 guarantee excellent speech quality.

    Moman noise-reducing motorcycle Bluetooth intercom features easy mounting and using. They are compatible with kinds of helmets.

    What to look for when buying a motorbike intercom except for the noise-reduction feature?

    The built-in noise-cancellation tech of the motorcycle intercom is an essential factor to consider when choosing the best one since it promises a high-clarity sound during high speed. However, there are still a few features to look for when buying: 

    Microphone wind muff

    Whether or not the microphone speaker of a motorbike intercom has a windshield or fairings can affect wind flow and, in turn, the wind noise. Windshields with proper design may divert air away from the microphone, which lessens noise and turbulence. 

    Bluetooth connectivity

    Integrated Bluetooth functionality is a common feature of contemporary noise cancelling motorcycle intercom. The more advanced Bluetooth tech it uses, the more stable communication can be. 

    Moman H2 Pro adopts the BT 5.1 that maintains contact with your smartphone, GPS, and other Bluetooth-capable headsets. It enables you to utilize them for hands-free calling, music streaming, and navigation. 

    Size and weight

    Take into account the helmet's weight since it may have an effect on your comfort over time, particularly on longer rides. Lightweight materials add to a more pleasurable experience without sacrificing safety.

    Moman H1 motorcycle rider to pillon intercom features effective DSP and CVC chip for noise cancelling. It can greatly reduce the wind noise during communication.

    Why do you need a noise cancelling motorcycle Bluetooth intercom?

    For motorcyclists, a noise-cancelling motorcycle intercom can improve safety and the whole riding experience in several ways. The following are three advantages of buying this device:

    Its music streaming and FM radio features make your riding more enjoyable

    Motorcycling for extended periods might make one feel fatigued due to constant exposure to wind noise. A noise-cancelling Bluetooth intercom enables riders to listen to music or interesting FM radio, which in turn, can improve comfort and lengthen the duration of pleasurable rides by easing riders' physical and mental strain.

    Motorcycle 2-way intercom with noise reduction improves your awareness and focus

    Riding in loud environments may be tiring for riders and be distracting. A calmer environment made possible by a noise-cancelling communicator can help motorcyclists focus more clearly, react to traffic, and stay focused on the road ahead.

    It can effectively protect your hearing from wind sound

    Prolonged cycling can exacerbate hearing impairment due to exposure to high wind and road noise levels in the long term. By lessening the volume of these sounds, a noise-cancelling wireless intercom for motorcyclists makes riding safer and more pleasurable.

    Moman H2 helmet intercom for motorcyclists is compact, durable and waterproof. It provides clear and crisp sound for music streaming, phone calls, and wireless conversations.

    How to reduce wind noise while wearing a motorcycle intercom?

    Putting on the best motorcycle helmet intercom is one of the best ways to reduce wind noise. Here we provide another four tips to ensure clear audio for long-distance communications, playing music, and phone calls.

    Use premium speakers with the noise-reducing motorcycle helmet intercom

    Some superior audio accessories could be useful, such as external speakers with outstanding inbuilt noise-cancellation systems or proper audio sets. They can ensure a crystal-clear, high-definition sound that enhances music, podcasts, and phone conversations. These speakers are ideal for cancelling out any unwanted noise.

    Install the noise cancelling intercom for dirt bikes on a proper type of helmet

    Choosing the right type of motorcycle helmet to install your noise-cancelling intercom will assist in maintaining a reasonable noise level. Some aspects of a helmet, such as premium neck padding and an aerodynamic design that minimizes turbulence in the airflow over the helmet, contribute to its increased soundproofness. 

    Full-face helmets are the safest form of motorcycle helmet overall and provide the best protection against wind and noise among all other varieties. Put down your visor if your helmet has one, such as a modular helmet; riding with the visor up will produce a lot of wind noise. Generally speaking, it is best to drive with your visor down.

    Add padding such as soft padding around the headset inside the helmet

    Using a few helmet attachments might also assist in reducing wind noise. It is a common option to give a motorbike helmet more padding. To reduce noise from the wind and the road, some riders choose to wear earmuffs around the noise-reducing motorcycle intercom earphones under their helmets. Or you can place a piece of fleece or foam between the cheek pads or around your ears. Face masks and balaclavas are also helpful tools for blocking out wind noise. 

    Ride a motorcycle or bike designed with a great windscreen

    The amount of wind turbulence your motorbike generates depends on the design of its windscreen. Certain windscreen forms will also produce less turbulence. If wind noise bothers you while wearing a noise cancelling motorcycle intercom, consider riding one of the so-called naked bikes without a windscreen. The absence of a windshield increases the motorbike and cycle’s aerodynamics and reduces air turbulence, which frequently results in a quieter and more comfortable ride.

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