A thrilling and enjoyable pastime for many is snowmobiling. However, conversing with others while riding might be challenging. Snowmobile helmet communicators are useful in situations like these. By enabling communication among riders, they improve both safety and pleasure.
  • Best buy snowmobile helmet communicators at Moman PhotoGears
  • Which one is the most suitable for you?
  • Four factors to consider when buying a snowmobile helmet communication device
Moman H3 snowmobile helmet communicator support wireless and handsfree conversation within 2000 meters.

    Best snowmobile helmet communicators at Moman PhotoGears

    Maintaining communication with friends or family while out skiing or riding on snowmobiles is made possible with the snowmobile helmet communicators. Four top picks from Moman listed below are all strongly recommended. They can improve your enjoyment of the path while also enhancing safety.

    • Spec. comparison table of four top Moman helmet communicators 




    Bluetooth Version

    Moman H1

    Easy Operation



    Moman H2




    Moman H2 Pro

    Best Audio Quality



    Moman H3

    Best Long Range




    With an IP67 or IP65 waterproof rating, the four communicators for sledders are capable of functioning at the range of -20~50℃. There's no need to be concerned about them becoming damaged or stop working because of the winter. 

    Moman H1 Best snowmobile helmet to helmet communication 

    Moman H1 Full-face helmet communication system for snowmobilers is of IP67 waterproof. It can work in rainy and snowy days.

    Price: US$35.99 for one pack, US$64.99 for two packs

    Discount: Free shipping for two packs / Xmas discount code-XMAS20

    Overview: Moman H1 is reasonably priced at just under $40, and it's a pleasant surprise to find a headset with so many features. It supports manual control and voice commands for safe and convenient rides on a snowmobile. With its DSP echo termination and noise reduction features, this waterproof snowmobile helmet communicator ensures crystal-clear voice quality at a rapid pace. In order to get GPS instructions, listen to music, or make phone calls, you may also pair it with your smartphone with the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 tech. The battery life is a respectably long 32 hours of conversation time and 360 hours of standby time.


    • Big button control and AI voice assistance 
    • IP67 waterproof construction
    • 1000mAh inbuilt battery for 32h constant working time
    • 500 meters wireless Bluetooth communication range 


    • Not support communication in groups for over two people


    • “They are quite good, in solo mode, you can do absolutely everything you can do with a Bluetooth hands-free device. You can take calls, listen to music, and talk without loss of fidelity. ”
    • “Great way to communicate with other riders over Bluetooth or just enjoy your favorite music on the go. Easy to install and set up. Go for it!”

    Moman H2 Best budget skimobile helmet two-way intercom

    Moman H2 ski helmet intercom for two-way communication uses the knob control for operation. You can pick up calls, adjust volume, change songs with your thick gloves on.

    Price: US$49.99 for one pack, US$89.99 for two pack

    Discount: Free shipping / H2 discount code-GETH2NOW / Xmas discount code-XMAS20

    Overview: There is much more stability in the connection between two Moman H2 snowmobile helmet intercoms. It is able to function in an extremely complex snowy environment. Typically, two snowmobilers can have an effective speaking range of up to 1000 meters. If connection reliability and a robust set of features are what you're looking for in a snow scooter Bluetooth communicator, then it is generally the best option offered by Moman.


    • CVC and DSP noise cancellation for clear audio
    • Special knob control design for easy operating
    • 1000-meter wireless communication between two snowmachines
    • Wide compatibility to work with full-face, open-face, motocross, and retro helmets


    • The signal may be feeble if there are any obstructions, such as dense vegetation, steep hillsides, buildings, or heavy traffic.
    • One customer has said that the Moman H2 is a little bulky.


    • “The units paired to each other and our phones without issue. We also were able to pair to a unit made by another manufacturer this makes for greater versatility.”
    • “Great units, a little bulky. FM radio is a nice touch”

    Moman H2 Pro Best audio snowmobile helmet Bluetooth communication

    Moman H2 Pro features the advanced Bluetooth 5.1 tech for stable real-time contact for snowmobilers and skiers.

    Price: US$55.99 for one pack, US$99 for two packs

    Discount: Free shipping / Xmas discount code-XMAS20

    Overview: Moman H2 Pro is a worthwhile and affordable option that features high device compatibility, exceptional sound quality, and a 1000-meter transmission distance. The sound from the audio speaker is loud, has great clarity, and has a nice amount of bass. It also makes use of the CVC and DSP technology for noise reduction. Moman H2 Pro supports phone calls, music streaming and sharing, FM radio, GPS aviation, and so on. In addition, it has an incredibly durable design and a reliable battery for 20h conversations. 


    • Bluetooth 5.1 tech for better stability and less power consumption
    • Wireless music sharing between two packs
    • Voice-activated in English, Japanese, and Italian for controlling
    • 12 color options for you to choose


    • Excessively loud noise can interfere with the voice-activated features


    • Professional review videos of Moman H2 Pro are on the way

    Moman H3 Best long-range snow scooter intercom for helmets

    Moman H3 waterproof snowboard communicator is designed to have effective CVC and DSP noise suppression to reduce the wind noise and engine sound while riding.

    Price: Sold out for now

    Discount: Free shipping / Xmas discount code-XMAS20

    Overview: The IP65 waterproof classification of the Moman H3 snowmobile helmet comms attests to its long-lasting construction, which gives it a responsive and sturdy design. It supports real-time contact within a stunningly long sharing range of 2000 meters. Also, its battery life is also very powerful. You can use it for well about 30 hours on a single charge. In a Moman H3 communicator for snowmobile helmets, a maximum of 8 motorcycle riders can be connected. Because of this, it is a good choice for group rides on ski-doo. 


    • Real-time communication range of 2000 meters
    • Connect six snowmobile riders at once to speaking
    • 16K voice bandwidth for audio with great clarity
    • High-level resistance and compact construction


    • Wind noise at high speed may affect the sound-capturing


    • “Good quality hands-free kit fits my helmet without a hitch but doesn't seem to be the case for everyone. good battery life and very good audio quality”
    • “This hands-free kit is of high quality, it is perfect for motorcycle trips. It is light, the finishes are neat, the equipment is easy to install, and it is really functional and easy to use. ”
    Moman H2 ski helmet intercom features CVC and DSP noise suppression for clear audio for phone calls, music streaming, FM radio, etc.

      Which one is the most suitable for you?

      After reading so many detailed introductions of the four Moman best snowmobile helmet communications, you may find it difficult to choose. Whether you like the performance or the sound quality, our list is designed to accommodate customers with varying preferences. The four picks have their outstanding advantages for you to refer to and decide.

      Also, you can keep reading to check out our advice on how to pick the best one below. It's a useful guide that explains four features you should consider looking for in a new helmet communicator for snow slednecks.

      Four factors to consider when buying a snowmobile helmet communication device

      Options for Moman snowmobile wireless helmet intercom systems abound, even if many of them are also intended for motorcyclists. While in many circumstances that is compatible as well, you should ensure that the intercom is properly designed with snowscooters in mind. These are the features to search for:

      Moman H2 Pro Bluetooth communicator for snowboard helmet is compact and versatitle. It is compatible with various helmet styles for communication.

      1. Durability of the construction: Can the snowmobile helmet radio communication function in low temperatures?

      Snow will inevitably get on every part of the system, including the headphones and control device. In addition to being incredibly waterproof, the Moman intercom's structure should be able to withstand freezing temperatures. For the unit's temperature rating, consult the manufacturer's specifications.

      2. Battery Life: Can it support continuous skimobile riding for hours or days?

      Durable and high-capacity batteries in the 2-way radios for Moman snowmobile helmets are essential. Considering that you'll probably be far from indoor power sources and riding in the woods and snow for hours, the communicator should have long-lasting battery life for use. And you should check on its working time and standby time.

      • Working time: The length of time you can truly communicate through the system is known as working time, which is also called operating time or conversation time. Moman helmet communicators typically have a working time of approximately 30 hours, however, it might go down if you and your group communicate a lot.
      • Standby time: The amount of time the device retains power when not in use is known as standby time. The majority of intercoms have a few days (300 to 500 hours) until they shut down. This is particularly crucial if you want to do a multi-day snowmobile excursion.

      3. Communication distance: Can the long-range snowmobile helmet communicator maintain a conversation over hundreds of meters?

      Riding a snowmobile in a group is safer than on your own. To assist in avoiding crashes, maintain a certain amount of space between each car when riding with others. Your communication devices need to function across a considerable range since your companions may not always be in your direct line of sight.

      Remember that the manufacturer's stated range is usually the range that may be found on level, open terrain under ideal circumstances. Riding in the real world might drastically lower its distance due to trees, hills, weather, and other reasons. Even if the Moman Bluetooth headset for snowmobile helmet range looks wider than the typical distance you intend to maintain from other riders, go for it.

      4. Audio quality: Does it provide clear sound and effective noise suppression?

      Seek for a ski doo modular helmet communication that allows you to alter the level so that you may converse with others when the snowmobile is still without damaging your ears. The capability to effectively hear other people is its most crucial feature. Sadly, snowmobiles aren't particularly silent. There is a good amount of engine noise that your sound system has to contend with.

      Also, take into account a Moman snowmobile helmet communication system with noise-canceling capabilities. The technology of this kind muffles ambient sounds, including wind, motors, and more.

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