SYNCO P1 series at Moman Store includes 2 types: P1L is for iPhone, iPad, and suchlike iOS devices. P1T is for Android devices with a Type-C port. Otherwise, they have the same performance and features of a one-to-one 2.4 GHz wireless microphone system and nine creative voice effects, and high-definition transmission. But why do we need a wireless mic when phones already have their internal one? The answer can be found in this introduction video.

Nabeel Nawab, who has nearly 1.27 million subscribers on YouTube, chose SYNCO P1L wireless lavalier microphone for iphone and ipad as his testee and introduce not only the product itself in detail and the customized charging case, and cable and adapter included in the product package additionally. The video shows you how to use the it step by step patiently. SYNCO P1L & P1T are lightweight and effortless. Clip the TX transmitter on your collar and plug the RX receiver into the phone's socket. Then you can start your recording!

Nabeel also made a comparison between the SYNCO P1L and the iPhone internal mic in the suburbs. And it comes out that even with ambient white noise, the recording sound is clear and distinct when using this wireless lapel mic for mobile phone. Furthermore, it also has an incredibly strong signal that can be heard over long distances, which surely a phone's mic can't.

SYNCO P1L wireless lavalier microphone with plug & play design

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