It is not easy to find a perfect power solution for our shooting activities, since there are kinds of devices in the camera gear, ranging from different cameras to diverse lighting and other recording accessories. Under such requirements, the d tap v mount battery is a very suitable power source for you. And today we will introduce it in five parts as follow.

  • What is the d tap v mount battery and what is it used for?
  • How many kinds of output can external v-lock support?
  • Why are all the v-mount power supplies designed to have d-tap ports?
  • What devices use a d tap battery with v mount?
  • Can you charge a v-lock with the d-tap port?
Moman v mount battery with dtap Power 140 can charge several devices in one photography gear at the same time, including cameras, monitors, etc..

    What is the d tap v mount battery and what is it used for?

    D-tap batteries are rechargeable lithium-ion batteries The term d-tap refers to the female power port found on it. And v-mount refers to the way that mounts to camera gears, light poles, etc. To be a portable, large-capacity power source, then this powerful battery type was specifically created. As a result, you may be confident that it will preserve the power of compatible devices. They offer several benefits in terms of versatility compared to an ordinary one. Along with the v mount d tap battery contact, it supports other connectors as well. Because different output voltages and high amperage are used, a more effective distribution of energy is made possible. It’s common in video production and available at video rental houses.

    How many kinds of output can external v-lock support?

    Having a clear understanding of what output the v-mount batteries support, and knowing what charging methods the device you own supports, can help you quickly find the right product for you. It's like deciding which keys you can use to open a lock. The following is the output mode and ports of several kinds of Moman v mount battery with dtap, which can be divided into three categories.

    Table: Contrast of three Moman output and input interfaces


    Power 99

    Power 99S

    Power 140



    Regular price: $169







    Max. Output




    D-tap Output

    2 Slots, 14.4V-15A

    1 Slot, 14.8V-13A

    2 Slots, 14.4V-12A

    USB Output

    2 x USB-A

    1 Slot, 14.8V-13A

    1 Slot, 14.8V-13A

    BP Output

    1 Slot, 14.4V-15A

    1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C

    1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C

    Charging Port

    D-Tap Input Only

    D-Tap & USB-C Input

    D-Tap & USB-C Input

    1. D tap power supply can apply to a majority of photography gears

    D-tap output has a significant flexibility benefit. A professional camera setup could have a monitor, lighting, and a variety of additional powered accessories. In addition, many types have this kind of charging ports, including DSLRs, bmpcc 4k, 6k, and 6k pro cameras, digital ones, mirrorless ones, etc. Which means, having one power source and you have a battery for 4k camera monitor, high-power lights, and more.

    2. USB A or C slot has high-speed electron transformation

    The most common form of the USB port is USB-A, which is the original design. Your computer, TV, phone charger, gaming console, or any of the many other products that utilize these ports likely have USB-A ports. The next generation of USB technology is called USB-C. Most of the time, it’s known as USB Type-C.

    3. BP output interface is suitable for part of the camera types

    This kind of slot is like the v mount battery d tap, fully compatible with many models, including a variety of series cameras of Canon, Sony, and other vendors. You can operate all of this equipment from a single v mount power source by using power outputs, saving yourself the hassle of having to keep track of many power sources.

    Why are all the v-mount power supplies designed to have d-tap ports?

    Moman d tap batteries Power 99 has different kinds of output ports to meet your specific need. It has dual dtaps, one BP port, and two USB-A.

    1. It has universal compatibility with most the recording devices

    Compared to regular camera power sources, v-mount d-tap batteries offer a much larger capacity. They have a significant benefit in versatility in addition to it. One item can run a whole photo shoot and handle a variety of connectors. A professional camera setup could have a monitor, lighting, and a variety of additional powered accessories. You can feed all of this equipment from a single item by the v mount battery output, which is strong enough to bear all this, saving yourself the hassle of having to keep track of many power sources.

    2. It opens up more charging options for kinds of cameras

    Furthermore, The majority of cameras and equipment available to photographers are d-tap compatible, which perfectly meets the needs of photographers. Moman Power 140 and 99S suchlike the power source to be a mini v mount battery dual d tap equipped can even charge two cameras at the same time. Cameras with inbuilt dummy batteries as power solutions can be removed by the Moman DE6 power supply cable. After all, the storage capacity of the dummy type is not enough to sustain a full day or even a few hours of spending on filming devices. The DE6 is equipped with a dummy battery for the camera on one side, and the other is a d-tap connector for the v-locks. Any v-mount may be added via the D-tap interface, making it ideal for continuous outside shooting without the need for a bunch of batteries.

    What devices use a d tap battery with v mount?

    A form of rechargeable and transportable lithium-ion power source known as a d-tap v lock battery often offers superior voltage, high density, and tremendous performance. High-end equipment for photography and videography like cameras, microphones, wireless transmission systems, studio lights, and others can be charged by them. For example, when you're invited to record a wedding, you're surely need a v mount battery for LED lights. You need a holder or clamp to attach it to your grips, then it can flexibly move with the camera for shooting while giving power support at the same time. Also, there’s a mini v mount battery plate with d tap that is not only for auxiliary installation but also as a charging pad as your plan B when meeting power shortages. Consequently, they are well-liked by seasoned photographers. After all, the majority of people just require a small power bank, which is sufficient to charge a cell phone, tablet, and laptop during a single day of the trip. You should identify the items in your camera gears that require them.

    Can you charge a v-lock with the d-tap port?

    You can use v mount battery plate, holder or clamp to mount Moman Power 140 v lock battery to your shooting devices. It can power up your cameras while you are in an on-the-go recording.

    Not all v-locks can be charged via the d-tap, but most can, and you're better to follow the instructions. All three Moman v mount batteries support d-tap input, and there are other options as well. Power 99S and the Power 140 v mount battery with USB C, which is also known as Type-C. It offers superior ability to shorten the time for replenishing v-mounts, allowing you to quickly start your photography activities. You must properly care for it, if you don't want to damage it or endanger its lifespan, and learn how to charge v mount battery. Mostly, it alludes to the billing procedure. You have to thoroughly comprehend when and how to charge it. Only when the equipment is empty or when the indicator indicates that it is almost empty will you use it. Even when the v-mount camera battery isn't in use, it's crucial to keep it charged. Every few months, check the amount and add money as necessary.

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