To ensure a continuous shooting activity without worrying about out of electricity, many photographers and filmmakers work with spare v mount li ion battery. However, how to carry or ship them on a plane becomes a problem when you need to go out to shoot. This blog tells you things that should be known about this problem in the following parts:
1.Can we take a v-mount li-ion battery on an airplane flight?
1.1 Batteries types that are allowed on planes under FAA regulations
1.2 Pay attention to the capacity and quantity of the batteries you take
2. How to have a safe packing for v mount camera battery on flights?
2.1 Don’ts that you should be cautious with
2.2 Do's of traveling with lithium camera batteries
3. What happens when v lock cells aren’t protected well?
FAQ: How to take care of v mount battery in daily life?

Moman Power 99 V-mount li ion battery with compact design and strong output

1. Can we take a v-mount li-ion battery on airplane flight?

Types that are allowed on planes under FAA regulations

The answer to this question in a word is: It depends on the battery specification and different airlines’ regulations. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 's latest official release about batteries carried by airline passengers in 2022, dry cell ones, non-spillable wet ones, lithium metal ones, and lithium-ion ones are allowed to be taken on a flight, but with limits. If you are a photographer who often needs to shoot in the field, then pay attention to the different digital camera batteries, for example, Moman Power 99 and Power 140 are different from each other.

Featuring high capacity and output, uninstalled li-ion types such as v lock battery and charger, are not allowed in checked luggage and must be transported in a passenger's carry-on bag. Surely, they are very safe and stable if they are not damaged or short circuit, so they must be carefully protected from these situations. Electronic equipment including cameras, laptops, and other gadgets need to be protected from heat production and unintentional activation.

Pay attention to the capacity and quantity limits

V-lock mount external battery in the current market their energy capacity generally ranges from at most 50Wh to more than 250Wh. Additionally, no lithium-ion type with a capacity of over 160-watt hours can be transported on any passenger plane. The ones that are already within personal electronic equipment can either be checked in or carried on. You may only bring two of the same kind if you intend to bring one that has a capacity higher than 100 Wh, which is more potent. Moman Power 99 of 99 watt-hours high capacity can be safely brought on the airplane and accompany you during the journey.
High capacity V-lock battery Moman Power 99 can be carried on the plane for shooting advanture

2. How to have a safe packing for camera batteries on flights?

Don’ts that you should be cautious with

When it comes to the things that must not do, is that never use air services to ship batteries that have been amassed for recycling or that the manufacturer has recalled due to safety concerns. Also, don't put them directly with metal objects like coins. Once the two ends of the cell are touched simultaneously, a short circuit occurs.

Do's of traveling with lithium camera batteries

One way to package the batteries is to keep them from shifting while being handled and from being crushed or damaged. Use a separate inner box if necessary to keep metal items and other materials that can short circuit the battery terminals away from the them. The simplest solution to ensure compliance with the safety and problem-free operation is to simply place the items in a fully enclosed inner packing made of non-conductive material, like the original box. A plastic bag also works if you can't find the product's original packaging or the appropriate box to store it in. Or you may just cover the contacts with a little piece of electrical tape.

3. What happens when v lock cells aren’t protected well?

Powerful spare cells that are intended to deliver high levels of power must be handled carefully since there is a risk of fire or explosion if they are damaged and short-circuited. The battery will, in the best case, be depleted soon. At worst, it could rupture, or burn, or the load could catch fire. In lithium metal ones, short circuits typically happen as a result of uneven metal deposition during the charging cycle and the growth of dendrites on the anode. If there are smoke and fire incidents involving lithium cells while flying with v mount batteries, don’t panic. The passengers and cabin crew inside the aircraft cabin can deal with it.

Moman v mount battery Power 99 within several 18650 cells is of high capacity for stable power supply


As long as you know the TSA or airline's specific regulations before boarding the plane, pre-check and pack your v mount li ion battery properly, avoiding drastic shock, package broken, while preventing contact with water, fire, and other sources during the trip, you don't need to worry about the safety of batteries on the flight. Hope this blog can help you enjoy your shooting journey with the powerful and portable cells on the flight.

Frequently Asked question:

How to take care of v mount battery in daily life

When a v mount li ion battery is dying, there are always warning signs like reducing capacity, low voltage, high self-discharge rate, etc. How to prolong its life and make full use of it becomes things that every user should know. First is the proper storage environment of appropriate temperature and humidity, avoiding direct sunlight. The second is the right using way, which is don’t let it completely discharge. Make sure you leave a small amount of power each time you use it to charge your devices. If you want to know more tips in detail, check this blog: Tips to choose the right camera lithium battery and take care of it

V-mount battery

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