Moman Monopod Tripod M65


Remarkable Carrier Plate: Universal Mounting Plate with Reversible 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 screw of the Moman Monopod with feet is matched to a variety of Ball Head as well as any professional camera and DSLR cameras, which can be directly installed.

Wonderful Body Material: The Moman Monopod’s Body uses Aviation Aluminum Alloy of extremely qualified strength, forging not only Lightweight & Stability of the tube, but also Elegance & individuality.

Flexible Structure: The heavy duty unipod for DSLR can be extended to 5 sections and height of 165cm. Flexible 5 sections of foot tube with a maximum diameter of 2.5cm and a minimum of 1.25cm and a reduction of 2.5mm per section. Starting with the roughest tube is highly suggested as to optimize stability.

Multiple-functional Tripod Base: A camera base is portable, provided for free to apply for different applications in case of slipping issues. What’s more, the tripod base can be adjusted to your favorite angles.

Tidy & Smooth Outlook: Leg tube anti-dust technology enables the tube lock system closely attached to the leg tube so to prevent sand and dust from slipping into the tube, which absolutely saves photographers’ time of cleaning and maintenance.