There are always people asking wireless vs wired microphone which one is better? This is not a one-answer question. But in this blog, we're going to talk about how wireless microphone for YouTube recording wins over wired, not only just because of their convenience but also the wide applications. The blog will go with the below parts:
1. Wireless vs wired: It would be much more convenient without the cables
1.1 Free movement from wireless handsfree microphone
1.2 No long hanging wires makes your video pictures cleaner
2. Plug and play wireless microphone instead of tedious cable setting
3. Strong signal, high frequency, and quick charge lead to easy outdoor use
4. Multi channel wireless microphone system is ideal for multi-speaker recording

Wireless microphone is ideal for vloggers of excecise and sports for free movement

1. Wireless vs wired: It would be much more convenient without the cables

1.1 Free movement from wireless handsfree microphone

When people talk about wireless and wired, the first thing that comes out is always about the cable. Wires refer to limited distances, meaning that you can't turn and move around freely while speaking, or risk tripping over them once if not careful enough. A wireless lapel mic for video camera could help you free your movement and hands. It allows you to immerse yourself in the presentation without worrying about the hidden dangers brought about by the cord, and to interact with viewers freely. For Youtube vloggers whose video theme is about exercise or sports, as well as travel and film in extreme environment, wireless microphones will undoubtedly become the first choice.

1.2 No long hanging wires makes your video pictures cleaner

What kind of microphones do the influencers and vloggers are using for filming shorts and vlogs on online video platforms like YouTube or Tiktok? After paying a little attention, you will find that the majority of them use wireless lavalier mics for recording. Moman C1 suchlike a wireless microphone for youtube recording usually comes with small and lightweight construction, being able to firmly clip on the collar. It helps create an aesthetically neat and clean overall picture of the video and you will not even notice. On the other hand, the wired one with swaying long cables could draw viewers’ attention not to the content of the video, but to itself. Its primary duty of it should be delivering a clear and rich voice as a low-key but effective helper. Surely, you can try to hide the wire into the clothes, but this will not be more convenient than wireless.

Moman C1 wireless lavalier microphone helps create a neat and clean video pictures without messy cables

2. Plug and play wireless microphone instead of tedious cable setting

Have you ever tried taking your wired headphone out of your backpack, only to find that they're all tangled up and you have to take a few minutes to manage them first? The same happens with wired microphones. If you don’t want to face tedious cable untangling, interface converting, and setting, you might need a wireless one with plug & play design. Only a simple plug-in to the phone and no more mode operation, not just for mobile phones, but also video cameras with the compatible ports. You can start recording right away.

3. Strong signal, high frequency, and quick charge lead to easy outdoor use

Indeed, wireless sound transmission systems do have instability and may come across brief losses of sound, or short bursts of static. But with the development of wireless transmission technology, wireless mics are gradually equipped with a high-tech smart chip like DSP, therewith features a strong signal, high frequency, and high-fidelity transmission. From UHF to 2.4 GHz wireless microphone for video recording, they pick up sound in a wide range of frequencies and can offer safe and stable sound output within hundreds of meters of LOS distance in the vast field. As for the power problem that someone will mention: The wired one can be charged directly on the shooting devices through the wire, so what about the wireless one? The general battery charging through the USB port is common. The Type-C power bank for mobiles would be enough, or a small v mount battery in the photography rigs can free up an output port for the microphone. there are also more special and convenient cases. SYNCO wireless microphone for Android phone P1T, which comes with a charging case, 10-minute charging can turn into a 45-minute shooting. No need to worry about outdoor shooting activities interrupted by a lack of power!

SYNCO P1L dual channel wireless mic for iPhone lightning has a compatible charging case, which supports quick charges

4. Multi channel wireless microphone system for multi-speaker recording

While wired ones have cables that determine how many people a device can hold for simultaneous recording, wireless microphones can add new receivers as much as the signal range allows via Bluetooth tech. Now there are many multi-channel choices of wireless, generally ranging from 2 to 8, but the common types are like the SYNCO G2(A2) dual channel wireless microphone system, which has one receiver and two transmitters, fully meet the needs of one-on-one interviews or recording.

SYNCO G2A2 2 channel wireless mic system for 2-person recording, is perfect for one-on-one interview and multi-speaker video chat


The point that wired mics offer higher sound output than the wireless is no longer tenable. Wireless microphone for YouTube recording is gradually using advanced technology, leading to the fact that the sound quality goes up and the production cost come down. It goes without saying that it is a considerable and competent option for video creators and vlog makers. 


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