The Version 1.4 of Moman Prompter. Astonishing features are announced in the upgraded tele prompter app.

New Features:

1. Supports picture format such as .jpg and .png, with 20 pictures uploaded at most

Moman teleprompters with multi-device applications, support picture format such as .jpg and .png, with 20 pictures uploaded at most

2. Supports .txt files
3. Supports paging of text and picture (Moman Teleprompter Remote required)
4. Supports Count Down Play

Moman teleprompters support count down play for you to have a comfortable recording in the right pace

Optimized Features:

1. Better options for telepromoter font
2. Better user experience with remote control (Click for specific operation)
3. Better compatibilty with more mobile phone systems

Contact Us

If you have more ideas to include in the tele prompter online, please feel free to contact the Moman marketing team:

Please notice:

1. It's FREE to subscribe the Moman Prompter app.
2. The remote control function only works with the Moman Remote accessory. You could buy it on E-commerce platforms like Amazon.


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