App Name:    Moman Matrix


      Moman Matrix, a world-first wireless image transmission App innovatively combined with prompting scripts, is designed to transmit video wirelessly on your devices and work with Moman Matrix series HD video wireless transmission system, engineered by Moman as a trustworthy brand for AudioVisual &Camera Gears.

      Compatible with iPhone and iPad, with the following features:
      - Monitor the video in real time.
      - Set image mode.
      - Support live streaming.
      - Support scripts editing and prompting.
      - Support scrolling texts and images to appear simultaneously.
      - Adjust scrolling scrips in real time e.g. editing font size, transparency, color etc.
      - Support firmware upgrade
      - Adapt to system languages automatically

* Please notice:

  Make sure the version of the TX and RX must be at least 1.0.4. If not, please follow the below instruction to get quick upgrade.
- For English Version:
  If you have any questions or ideas about the app, please feel free to contact the marketing team:

- 日本語ver:


  For IOS Users:

  Search "MomanMatrix" in AppStore and Download the App for free



A.Connection: Connect Matrix with TX device.
B.Teleprompter: Add texts that you need to prompt.
C.Firmware Upgrade: Upgrade the APP.
D.Setting: About Us, Laws & Regulations.


A. After connecting to device, you could monitor video image in real time in this interface:

B. Set the image:

C. More settings and advance functions:


A. Click and enter “Teleprompter” interface:

B. Click “+” to add texts that you need to prompt

When you need to edit your existing texts

C. Then, back to the “Monitor” interface, you could play the texts that is to prompt simultaneously:

D. You could adjust, mirror, center and 90° reverse the scrolling scripts: