The most significant piece of material you can record during an interview is the audio. The story or viewpoint may be lost if the speakers’ words aren't captured in a clear, high-quality manner. This blog will lead you to find the microphone for interviews that are perfect for your requirements from the parts below.
  • Three kinds of interview microphones have their advantages and applications
  • Three key features make an interview microphone worth buying
  • The best type of microphone for interviews sold at Moman
  • Three tips for you to achieve a better interview audio

Three kinds of interview microphones have their advantages and applications

Moman wireless lavalier microphone's receiver can be mounted on the camera, then you can start a street interview freely

1. Shotgun: Interference-free and DSLR compatible for sit-down interviews

A shotgun mic, which is frequently mounted outside the camera, is the greatest for recording sound without worrying about managing interference. It can be attached above the video cameras and pointed directly to the speakers at the interview. For static sit-down interviews, a shotgun mic for interviews works well since they may be mounted on a boom pole and be DSLR camera compatible. They are ideal for getting the precise sound you need without having to deal with background noise interference. With the use of a boom pole or a stand, the microphone can be manually held.

2. Lavalier: Small, compact, and discreet for multiple-person on-camera broadcasts

These are also known as lapel mics, clip to one's collar or tie and are typically utilized during a sit-down interview. It’s a portable and practical solution to record sound near the source, being suitable for sit-down interviews since the wireless microphone for interviews is tiny and covert enough to not catch the viewers’ attention. And since they do not wander about like the handheld type, these are excellent for collecting steady audio levels. Some people might worry about the battery promblem, thinking that they won't sustain for a long broadcast or other shooting activities like videography working with the bmpcc. But with the quick charging case or v mount battery with the compatible USB-C interface, they can be full filled in a short time and back to work. And remember to check for the connector type of the mic receiver first. If you see the lightning plug, it would the interview microphone for iPhone. If it is Type-C plug, it would be the type for USB-C mobiles and cameras.

3. Handheld: easy control, strongly directional, and flexible for TV reports

Handheld type, as its name suggests, are held or placed close to the speakers. Depending on the polar pattern, a handheld interview microphone can record a single speaker or several speakers simultaneously. Nevertheless, in some situations, they may be positioned outside of the frame and still record quality audio. Usually, you may see local TV reporters utilizing them.

Three key features make an interview microphone worth buying

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether a microphone for interviews is worth your investment and trust, such as signal-to-noise ratio, which is also called SNR, and maximum SPL, latency, transmission frequency, etc. However, there are three things you should pay attention to first. They will help you sift through most of the options that don't fit your requirements and find the right one.

Moman microphone for interviews is of a wide compatibility, suitble for DSLRs, Bmpcc cameras, iPhones, Type-C mobiles, etc.

1. Polar pattern: Including three basic ways of microphones for interviews gathering sounds

  • Omni-directional: This excellent multi-purpose microphone captures a variety of sounds from all angles. It has to be held near the subject for high-quality sound.
  • Unidirectional: This audio pattern, which is often seen in shotgun mics and tends to be the cardioid pick-up pattern, works well for isolating a single sound source from surrounding noise. For the finest sound quality, a camera interview microphone of this kind must be directed straightly at the subject since they have a specific target.
  • Bidirectional: The pressure gradient idea is the foundation of this kind of microphone. Both sides of the membrane may hear the sound. When the sound on the front and back of the diaphragm varies, it sends a signal.

2. Frequency response: The key to the clarity and detail of the recording sound

Frequency response tells you whether a mic can accurately record the tone and detail of the sound you require. The majority of mics, consisting of the interview microphone for the camera, are built to capture the human voice. You should unquestionably pay attention to how the response changes within the specified range. Finding one that produces a rich, appealing sound will help your interview recordings come to life.

3. Sensitivity: The point of capturing clearly the moving speakers

A professional interview microphone must have a good proximity sensitivity effect since interviews frequently include a lot of movement. A high-sensitivity one will generate the same volume of sound no matter how you move. And you don't need to be concerned that turning your head or taking a step back will lower the volume.

The best type of microphone for interviews sold at Moman

When taking an outdoor interview, whether shotgun mic or lapel mic is ideal for a high-quality recording




Moman CP2



Shotgun type

Shotgun type

Lavalier type

Lavalier type




Sale price$69.99

Regular price$79.99


Polar Pattern


Super Cardioid



Frequency Range

50Hz to 12kHz

20 Hz to 20 KHz

20 Hz to 20 KHz

50Hz to 20KHz






SYNCO U3 unidirectional shotgun microphone is perfect for sit-down interviews

SYNCO U3 unidirectional shotgun microphone is perfect for sit-down interviews

The interference tube technology used by the SYNCO U3 shotgun mic for interviews allows it to take up noises in the front while canceling out off-axis sounds, providing high-quality audio for conferences, video calls, and other recording activities. To lessen sound distortion, it provides step-less gain adjustment in the range of 0-15dB by turning the control dial. With a 3.5 mm connection, you can monitor the signal pick-up outcome and recording condition in real-time and make modifications as necessary.

SYNCO D30 best shotgun mic for outdoor interviews can catch a clear and crisp sound

SYNCO D30 best shotgun mic for outdoor interviews can catch a clear and crisp sound

SYNCO D30 has high sensitivity of -24dB2dB enables it to gather minuscule audio waves and deliver precise and clear sound. Due to its highly low-noise circuitry, it generates very little self-noise. A 75Hz/150Hz optional low-cut filter further cleans the sound by removing most of the low-frequency noise produced by wind, vibration, electrical current, or traffic. An integrated overdrive protection system protects the sound recording from distortion when the maximum SPL of 124dB SPL is exceeded. The safety channel ensures that your audio is not lost or interrupted during the 20dB attenuation of the SPL peak.

Moman CP2 smartphone wireless microphone enjoys a wide compatibility

Moman CP2 smartphone wireless microphone enjoys a wide compatibility

The Moman CP2 microphone for iPhone interviews has two transmitters and one receiver and is based on 2.4GHz technology. As a result, it enables two persons to sound film continuously or one creator to record. Three different CP2 models exist CP2C for Type-C devices, CP2A for iPhone or iPad, and CP2AC which works with both. It is compatible with many recording programs and apps, is immediately usable, and is simple to use; neither an APP nor drivers are needed. With Intelligent Noise Canceling, the CP2 can filter background noise automatically and use the windshield to stop plosive sounds. If you want to know more about this wireless microphone, you can check for the video.


SYNCO G1(A2) best microphone for 2 person interview supports dual-channel recordings

SYNCO G1(A2) best microphone for 2 person interview supports dual-channel recordings

The SYNCO dual channel wireless mic G1(A2) has a 2.4 GHz frequency range and Syncoder technology, which removes the challenging UHF domain and offers a secure, practical, and stable audio system. Due to its built-in DSP technology, it can instantly improve audio, which facilitates post-production and raises audio quality during live broadcasts. After a full charge, the wireless interview microphone for DSLR may operate for 8 hours.

Three tips for you to achieve a better interview audio

1. Check the audio you're capturing and make changes in time

You may avoid a lot of hassle later on by using headphones to listen for annoying noise or potential technical problems with your recording gear. It is quite beneficial to use closed-back earbuds to verify if audio is being captured on the recording device without hearing any extraneous noises. You can detect these possible mechanical problems early on by monitoring with headphones in time, so as not to interfere with the actual shooting.

2. Take your microphone for interviews and get a site visit in advance

Make sure there won't be too much noise around you while you have your interview. If you're not paying attention, everyday noises like people talking, cars beeping, and even wind blowing and airplanes flying overhead could be distracting and simple to overlook. Try to arrange a site visit with your mic before the shoot date so you can get a sense of the location.

3. Reduce the sensitivity of your audio recorder and bring the microphone for interviews closer.

The location of the recorder or microphones is the most crucial factor to consider when using a variety of diverse ones, in addition to the type. Sound is simply vibrations, therefore how they function is by turning vibrations into electrical impulses, which are then recorded to a device as audio for playback. The audio recorder's sensitivity is often adjustable. The louder the vibrations must be to be captured as audio, the lower the sensitivity. You'll only record the subject's voice and perhaps a few other extremely loud sounds if you lower the sensitivity and position the condenser microphone for interviews as near to the person as feasible.

Moman camera interview microphone can be used for youtube video recording, suppoting a clear and rich sound output

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