If you are considering buying a Blackmagic 6k pro v mount battery, then this article is definitely a must-read guide for you to use. It may not be the cheapest kind of power supply for charging your camera, but it is definitely the most affordable and worthy. Here we will go through the following three points.
  • What battery does the Blackmagic 6K Pro use?
  • What are the advantages of v mount bmpcc 6k pro external battery?
  • How to properly use your v power supply for the camera?
Moman v mount battery for 4k, 6k, and 6k pro has a compact and solid body for charging your cameras quickly and safely.

What battery does the Blackmagic 6K Pro use?

First of all, what is the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, which is short for bmpcc? It’s a camera series for shooting and filmmaking with HD display, including types of 4k to 8k. And undoubtedly, the high the image presentation the more power it consumes. For example, that’s why Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k versions use bigger, longer-lasting NP-F570 and v mount battery Blackmagic 6k, whilst the 4k uses easily accessible common LP-E6 batteries. But for pros, the professional v-mount batteries might be the best choice.

V-mount battery: High-capacity external power source

The fixture design of v battery mount has proven to be the most advantageous and economical choice for us. While we have never needed to use the v-lock for so long, we have definitely had over three hours of trouble-free use. Many individuals claim to be able to shoot continuously for more than five hours using the Blackmagic 6k pro v mount battery.

NP-F series or LP-E6: Changeable standard batteries

The bmpcc line includes a standard LP-E6 replaceable type, much like Canon. The issue with this alone is that, especially at higher resolutions, it gives you very little filming time. You may shoot in Full HD for somewhere between 20 and 40 minutes. If purchasing more batteries is your preferred choice, stick with a reputable brand like Canon or visit the Blackmagic website for reliable vendors. Users of third-party LP-E6 batteries have stated that you get even less time out of them and that some report a significant 75% loss in performance.

What are the advantages of v mount bmpcc 6k pro external battery?

For scientific comparison or practical shooting scenarios, the d tap v mount battery has the most compatible tool with most of your devices. It not only serves the 6k pro bmpcc camera, but also your light for studio video, your microphones, and others. The v mount battery is not everyone's preferred power source, but fortunately, there are many excellent options that you may explore and select based on your unique demands and setup.

Moman Power 99 is not only able to work with blackmagic camera 6k pro, but also types with d-tap, type-c and bp charging port.

1. Powerful for long time photography activity

A key benefit is that the most potent lithium battery with a v-mount has a bigger capacity than other varieties. As a consequence, you are able to shoot without stopping to recharge. V-mount batteries also recharge far more quickly than other types do.

2. Stable for constant and safe power supply

The Blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k v mount battery, which is also good for 6k pro and 8k, goes down at a consistent rate so users won’t have to worry about the big drop-off. It is quite predictable when it’s going to run out.

3. Durable for years with long battery life

Moman v mount batteries are built of solid materials which can resist a certain amount of impact and will not damage the internal parts due to the shaking that occurs during transportation. A good quality product will last for years. External care is as important as the internal protection system.

How to properly use your v power supply for the camera?

It's essential to learn to use the tools you have at your disposal wisely. How to keep your battery healthy, to prevent accidents in the process of use. And how to make it adapt to your entire photography gear, so that it can play its role more efficiently on the way to shoot, not to give you work trouble, we will tell you the answer below.

Moman Blackmagic 6k pro v mount battery is equipped with internal protection system, high-capacity and high-density for hours of charging for your photography gears.

Avoid mistakes you may meet when using and charging the v lock battery

An overcharged v-mount battery may begin to lose stability more quickly. They should last for two to three years, or around 300 to 500 charges, but if batteries are overcharged, the v mount Blackmagic pocket 6k pro battery life will be considerably reduced for compact size. It may have issues if it is completely depleted as this may strain the battery. In contrast to other professional ones, they do not hold memories. This implies that it will last far longer and continue to function at its highest level if it is charged gradually and often.

How to mount it to your photography gears for efficient operation?

There is no one correct technique to add a v-lock, so it is a little more difficult than other methods, but once it is on, it is rather reliable. It utilizes an adaptor that fits into your battery slot similarly to how a grip would. In addition, you may connect it to the 12v input rather than the fake adaptor. Since the bulk of the work we perform is on a tripod or gimbal for video camera, we install our Blackmagic pocket 4k v mount battery setup beneath the camera. This makes it easy to mount it straight onto the tripod and makes it quick to remove if we need to put the camera on the gimbal

To improve in balancing, those who use shoulder mounts frequently choose to have it behind the camera on the v mount bmpcc 6k pro battery grip, although this has the drawback that it may obstruct the screen. The issue is lessened if you utilize an external display, but keep in mind that you'll probably still want the monitor's touch controls. The tripod's fast-release plate is fixedly attached to its bottom, and its top also has a quick-release plate shoe. The camera's quick-release plate is attached to the bottom of the battery and allows the camera to move on and off. The v-mount is located on the bottom of the fast-release shoe so that the camera may be mounted on a gimbal without having to remove the bottom each time.


Just keep in mind that once you got a Blackmagic 6k pro v mount battery, you have a reliable backup, regardless of how you decide to power your BMPCC. Just in case, it's wise to keep the cameras including the one charged, and to cling onto them.

V-mount battery

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