A teleprompter is a tool that shows speech lines or suggestions to the speaker. It is positioned below the camera's eye level so that it is not recorded on film but is still discernible to the speaker. It's essential to get to know it well before making use of it. So today’s blog will tell you how to use a teleprompter.

  • Why use a portable teleprompter instead of a phone app?
  • How to use a teleprompter: Four steps to learn a simple setup
  • How to read a teleprompter naturally: Three tips for a quick start guide

Moman large screen teleprompters with HD display mirror glass support tablets and phones mounting

Why use a portable teleprompter instead of a phone app?

1. Easy operation makes recording more convenient

Not only is it easy to install, but it is also very simple to operate. For example, Moman teleprompter MT2 includes phone clamps for cellphones and 10-inch tablets as well as a 1/4" threaded ball head which is 360° rotatable for firm connecting. Also, it is design to have remote control that supports text editing on the customized free app. Some online teleprompter apps are great for your needs they can be tricky to record and difficult to adjust to the angle you need. And it’s likely for you to act unnatural because your eyes are constantly moving back and forth between the shot and the script.

2. Versatile functions allow for a better experience reading from a teleprompter

They are far more powerful than you think. If mobile apps can completely replace actual ones, then why is it still receiving widespread demand from many bloggers, YouTubers, and tiktokers suchlike video creators? The technology they utilize is improving, operations are completed, and thus the user experience is getting better and stronger. Some come with a knob to adjust the reflecting angle to fit different sight lines. Standing or sitting, you can read more clearly and successfully, and you can communicate more fluently. Because of the system integration, the setup goes more quickly and effortlessly.

3. Wide adaptability supports diverse applications

The current home use teleprompter applies to many devices, such as cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, tablets, etc. Whatever you can photograph, attach the lens to the teleprompter and start your recording without memorizing the line. In addition, many are now small and portable enough to be used for both outdoor and indoor filming. Moman MT12, which supports a 12-inch iPad as a prompter device, may be applied in a variety of scenarios, including conferences, video broadcasts, online lecturing, and video recording.

How to use a teleprompter correctly for video recording or live streaming?

In order to prevent it from being seen or recorded on camera, a flat display panel is positioned horizontally below the camera. The text on the screen is mirrored across to the speaker via a mirror that is set up at a 45° angle to it. Overlooking the mirror, the camera fires. When you use it for youtube vlogging, live streaming, doing a presentation in zoom meetings, recording courses or tutorials, and so on, the best way to use a teleprompter is to see the lines, read out them, and look into the camera. During this period, you can control the speed through the mobile app, so that the scrolling speed of the text matches your speech. Some also support voice control, which stops as you speak, so you can pause and wait for some on-air interaction with the audience to make the recording more natural.

How to set up a teleprompter: Four steps to learn a simple installment

It's easy to set up a Moman home use teleprompter for video recording, zoom meeting, or podcasting. Put the camera lens behind it and you can start recording and speak

1. Mount the teleprompter on the tripod, monopod, or grips

The first step in teleprompter setup is to prepare a handheld grip, monopod, or tripod with a fast-release adapter and a teleprompter. Then slip it onto the adapter, lock the spring-loaded knob, and fix the apparatus.

2. Secure shooting equipment and lens in the right place

After that, attach the camera or other filming devices to the teleprompter. A riser block can be used to change the camera's height. While you may move the lens to suit your tastes, the middle of the camera-mounted teleprompter is typically the best location. Instead of reading from it during live streaming, it creates the impression that you are speaking to the audience. Remember to pull the lens cover over it once you've adjusted its position.

3. Install the prompting device and adjust the teleprompter mirror glass

Next, start by removing the protective layer before installing the beam splitter mirror. You should e watchful enough to prevent nicks and slide the mirror onto the top of the teleprompter frame after removing the plastic sheet. To reflect the writing more effectively, make sure the mirror is positioned at a 45° angle.

4. Insert and edit the scripts on the monitor

Finally, you may utilize your cell phone in addition to your teleprompter for youtube, as well as an iPad, tablet, LCD display, and more. Lock the screen into place after positioning it.

How to read a teleprompter naturally: Three tips for a quick start guide

Moman teleprompter for youtube videos recording is built of premium metal materials, which makes it sturdy and robust for your long time using

1. Practice out loud to get more familiar with your lines

Don't just read the script once you have it ready in front of you. Read it with a loud voice. You may use this to determine how it will sound when you use it live. Additionally, practice aloud once more in your head before beginning to let your mind get used to it.

2. Proper teleprompter script format keeps small eyes movement

The majority of teleprompter programs let you customize the text display, which can improve your ability to read the script. When it's simple to read your lines, you may unwind and improve the naturalness of the script. The font size, and background, as well as the content, can frequently be changed. The reading experience may significantly change depending on your decision.

3. Body language can mask the unnaturalness of the voice

If you are inflexible and deliver repetitive speech, it will be obvious that you are utilizing a large screen teleprompter. Smiling will relax your audience and make it easier for them to connect with you. It doesn't matter if you have experience or if this is your first time. Keep your grin from turning into a frown. Instead, be genuine since any imperfection may be readily hidden by confidence.


Learning how to use a teleprompter won’t be too difficult. To prevent seeming robotic, always remember to vary your speech and relax. Keep in mind that you don't want your audience to perceive you as hard, stiff, or uneasy. Show them that you are as excited for the recording, live streaming, broadcast, or presentation as you are for them to be.


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