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Mostrando 1 - 7 de 7 productos
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Smartphone teleprompter Moman MT1 achieves excellent light reflection and transmittance, being ideal for mobile shootingMoman MT1: Smallest teleprompter for biggest smartphone prompting
Precio de venta$65.99 Precio habitual$79.99
Moman MT1 Smartphone TeleprompterMoman
Disponibles, 46 unidades
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Budget telepromter for video conferencing Moman MT2 provides an ultra-wide visual range, ensuring speaker's natural recordingsMoman MT2 is a 10" large screen teleprompter for all iPad-sized devices
Precio de venta$69.99 Precio habitual$99.99
Moman MT2 Teleprompter for Video Conferencing and RecordingMoman
Disponibles, 46 unidades
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Moman MTRX consists of a teleprompter and a RGB ring light, offering a customized lighting and prompting solutionMoman MTRX is the first ring light included teleprompter kit on the go, which offers a customized lighting and prompting solution
Precio de venta$95.99 Precio habitual$109.99
Moman MTRX Teleprompter Rig, RGB Ringlight Included (Ringo Series)Moman
Disponibles, 48 unidades
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Moman MT12 professional teleprompter offers clear and wide angle display, smooth scrolling and easy remote controlMoman MT12 has a 12-inch HD display and a drawstring design, helping speakers reject NG and improve recording efficiency
Precio de venta$149.99 Precio habitual$179.99
Moman MT12 Professional Teleprompter for Video, 12-inch HD Display, Metal One-piece ConstructionMoman
Disponibles, 39 unidades
Desview T2 teleprompter for cell phone is widely compatible for situations like vlogging, online classes, etc.Desview T2 enables speakers to read scrolling text while facing straight forward to the cameras or phones
Precio de venta$89.00
Desview T2 Teleprompter for Cell PhoneDesview
Disponibles, 50 unidades
Desview T3 large teleprompter is made to support big prompting devices up to 11-inch. It is suitable for recording videosDesview T3 large screen teleprompter has a prompting clamp of a max length of 19cm. It can hold devices like phones or tablets firmly
Precio de venta$99.00
Desview T3 Large TeleprompterDesview
Disponibles, 47 unidades
Moman FS1 foot control pedal for teleprompter supports a more convenient remote switchingMoman FS1 is the first foot remote for teleprompter. You can download App Moman Prompter for its better using
Precio de venta$20.99
Moman FS1 Foot Control Pedal for TeleprompterMoman
Disponibles, 49 unidades

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