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Mostrando 1 - 7 de 7 productos
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Recording studio lighting COLBOR CL100 with a CRI of 97+ LED beads and 50 lighting effects, is powerful for mobile shootingCOLBOR CL100 supports APP remote control in real time. You can adjust lighting levels and different effects on it
Precio de venta$149.00 Precio habitual$199.00
COLBOR CL100 Bi Color 2700-6500K Recording Studio LightingCOLBOR
Disponibles, 18 unidades
The black COLBOR CL60R RGB video light of full color has several accessories and has a App software to achieve remote control. The COLBOR CL60R has great portability with a carrying bag included and also features remote controlability based on the COLBOR Studio App.
Precio de ventaDesde $199.00
COLBOR CL60R 65W RGB Video Light for Studio and Individual PhotographyCOLBOR
Disponibles, 78 unidades
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As a USB C power adapter best buy, COLBOR CL60PL is a necessary studio light accessory with 14.8V output voltage for CL60/CL100X.
Precio de venta$39.99
COLBOR CL60PL USB C Charger Power Adapter for CL60 Video LightCOLBOR
Disponibles, 50 unidades
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Daylight LED COLBOR CL100M features a CRI of 97, which proviedes smooth lighting while restoring the object's natural colorCOLBOR CL100M is a 5600K video light without any strobe in slow motion and time-lapse photography
Precio de venta$139.99 Precio habitual$189.00
COLBOR CL100M Daylight LED for StudioCOLBOR
Disponibles, 49 unidades

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