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Moman Power 70 Blackmagic v mount battery can be mouted on gimbals for charging cameras. It's of high-density and slim body.Moman Power 70 weighs only 417g but has 70Wh capacity. It's your best choice as an external v-mount power source for handheld devices.
Moman Power 420 v mount battery for video features a capacity of 420Wh, 29.4Ah and voltage of 14.4V for charging photography devicesMoman Power 420 featuring 420Wh/29.4Ah capacity, consists of 24 lithium cells for long-term power suppy.
Precio de venta$369.00
Moman Power 420 V Mount Battery for VideoMoman
Disponibles, 50 unidades
The black COLBOR CL60R RGB video light of full color has several accessories and has a App software to achieve remote control. The COLBOR CL60R has great portability with a carrying bag included and also features remote controlability based on the COLBOR Studio App.
Precio de ventaDesde $199.00
COLBOR CL60R 65W RGB Video Light for Studio and Individual PhotographyCOLBOR
Disponibles, 78 unidades
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Moman wireless intercom for motorcycle helmets H3 blue allows clear sound transmission during vigorous activitiesMoman Bluetooth intercom H3 gold is small and portable for daily carry. It also enjoys a long working time up to 30 hours
Precio de venta$79.99 Precio habitual$89.99
Moman H3 Wireless Intercom for Motorcycle Helmets of 2000m Sharing DistanceMoman
Disponibles, 144 unidades
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Moman Power 140 v mount battery for Red Komodo has a portable size but high output up to 14.4V, 140Wh/9.7Ah for videography activitiesMoman Power 140 has a cycle charge of 1000 times after professional tests
Precio de venta$199.00 Precio habitual$249.00
Moman Power 140 V Mount Battery for Red Komodo, Canon C300 CamerasMoman
Disponibles, 90 unidades
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Moman MT12 professional teleprompter offers clear and wide angle display, smooth scrolling and easy remote controlMoman MT12 has a 12-inch HD display and a drawstring design, helping speakers reject NG and improve recording efficiency
Precio de venta$149.99 Precio habitual$179.99
Moman MT12 Professional Teleprompter for Video, 12-inch HD Display, Metal One-piece ConstructionMoman
Disponibles, 40 unidades
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Wireless lavalier microphone iphone compatible SYNCO P1L stone blue provides 5 hours of recording with its quick charging caseSYNCO P1L Pearl white offers barrier-free and high definition transmission
Precio de venta$59.00 Precio habitual$69.00
SYNCO P1L Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhoneSYNCO
Disponibles, 70 unidades
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Moman ML8A-DC phone camera light with a diffuser, provides cool and warm bi-color light for vivid picturesMoman ML8A-DC is a professional camera light for youtube videos recording, live streaming, and other videography activities
Precio de venta$49.99
Moman ML8A-DC Bi-color Phone Camera LightMoman
Disponibles, 48 unidades
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Moman CP2AC smartphone wireless microphone is suitable for both lightning ports for iphone, and type-c port for android phoneMoman CP2A lavalier mic can be used with lightning port, producing a high-quality sound for vloggers, interviewers and so on
Precio de ventaDesde $65.99 Precio habitual$79.99
Moman CP2 Smartphone Wireless MicrophoneMoman
Disponibles, 98 unidades
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Moman H1 motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom single pack Black offers call rejection, hangup, music streaming etc.Moman H1 2-Rider Kit includes 2 intercoms and 2 speakers for two motorcyclist keep in touch in real-time while riding
Precio de ventaDesde $49.99 Precio habitual$59.99
Moman H1 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth IntercomMoman
Disponibles, 95 unidades
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Moman H2 BlueTooth communicator for motorcycles applys to mountain biking, skiing and other sports for communications, calls, musicMoman H2 wireless intercom set for two riders supports a communication with clear audio within distance up to 800 meters
Precio de venta$79.99 Precio habitual$89.99
Moman H2 Bluetooth Communicator for Motorcycles for 2 Riders within 800mMoman
Disponibles, 35 unidades
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SYNCO D1 hypercardioid shotgun microphone has a versatile capacity and flexible installment. It's perfect for outdoor recording, broadcasting, etc.SYNCO D1 features a broadcast sound quality of 78dB SNR, allowing a safe and stable audio signal transmission
Precio de venta$129.00 Precio habitual$199.00
SYNCO D1 Hypercardioid Shotgun Microphone with XLR ConnectorSYNCO
Disponibles, 49 unidades
Moman H4 best wireless earphones for motorcycle riding is compact yet powerful. It allows for answering calls during sportsMoman H4 is based on 5.0 bluetooth tech and EDR, which enables it to connect the mobiles within 10 meters
Precio de venta$25.99
Moman H4 Best Wireless Earphones for Motorcycle RidingMoman
Disponibles, 49 unidades

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