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Clip on wireless microphone for iphone offers steady, smooth, and anti-interference transmission within a range of the 394ft(LOS) Moman CP1(A) supports wireless recording up to 20 meters / 65 feet in the non-line-of-sight area
Precio de venta$39.99 Precio habitual$49.99
Moman CP1(A) Clip on Wireless Microphone for iPhoneMoman
Disponibles, 42 unidades
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Wireless microphone for android phone SYNCO P1T offers a strong signal transmission and real-time audio monitoringWireless microphone SYNCO P1T pearl white android phone avaliable for sale at Moman Online Store
Precio de venta$59.00 Precio habitual$69.00
SYNCO P1T Wireless Microphone for Android PhoneSYNCO
Disponibles, 95 unidades
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Mini wireless microphone SYNCO P2T stone blue with two transmitters, one receiver, and a wireless quick charging caseSYNCO P2T pearl white is a mighty mini microphone wireless for android phone allowing for two-person recording
Precio de venta$69.00 Precio habitual$99.00
SYNCO P2T Mini Microphone Wireless for Android with 2 TXsSYNCO
Disponibles, 92 unidades
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Black rechargeable wireless microphone SYNCO G1(A1) is a one-trigger-one mic which transfers anti-interference and secure signalsThe SYNCO G1(A1) is also grey colored with one receiver and one transmitter
Precio de venta$69.00
SYNCO G1(A1) Rechargeable Wireless Microphone for Camera & PhoneSYNCO
Disponibles, 82 unidades
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Wireless lavalier microphone for android SYNCO G1T black is a compact and powerful mic for video creation, live streaming, etc.SYNCO G1T provides better and stronger signal transmission than phone inbuilt microphone within 492ft/150m
Precio de venta$79.00
SYNCO G1T Wireless Lavalier Microphone for AndroidSYNCO
Disponibles, 50 unidades
1-to-1 black wireless microphone for camera SYNCO G2(A1) with clear TFT display in the compact size of 52x42x17mmSYNCO G2(A1) can be used in wide applications, including smartphone, camcorder, tablet, etc
2 Channel SYNCO TS features an upgraded UHF wireless microphone system and an extraordinary LOS range of 492ftSYNCO TS microphone has a clip on the back, which enables it to be clipped on speaker's clothes or bags for recording or carrying
Precio de venta$199.00
SYNCO TS 2 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone SystemSYNCO
Disponibles, 50 unidades
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Wireless lavalier microphone iphone compatible SYNCO P1L stone blue provides 5 hours of recording with its quick charging caseSYNCO P1L Pearl white offers barrier-free and high definition transmission
Precio de venta$59.00 Precio habitual$69.00
SYNCO P1L Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhoneSYNCO
Disponibles, 67 unidades
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2 channel iPhone wireless microphone SYNCO P2L stone blue with two transmitters and one receiverDual Channel Lavalier Wireless Microphone System SYNCO P2L Pearl White for Two-Person Stereo Recording
Precio de venta$69.00 Precio habitual$99.00
SYNCO P2L 2 Channel iPhone Wireless MicrophoneSYNCO
Disponibles, 62 unidades
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SYNCO G1(A2) onyx black with dual channel wireless microphone system has compact construction and flexible compatibilitySYNCO G1(A2) with a frequency spectrum of 2.4GHz, offers the auto-matching function
Precio de venta$99.00
SYNCO G1(A2) Dual Channel Wireless Microphone SystemSYNCO
Disponibles, 140 unidades
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Best digital wireless microphone SYNCO G2(A2) black with clear TFT screens for visually displays and diverse usagesWith dual channel, SYNCO G2(A2) is much more convenient to convert Mono and Stereo Mode
Precio de venta$169.00 Precio habitual$199.00
SYNCO G2(A2) Screen Enabled Best Digital Wireless Microphone with 2 TXsSYNCO
Disponibles, 31 unidades
Shop SYNCO TS Mini with professional UHF wireless microphone system at Moman Online StoreWith one transmitter and one receiver, SYNCO TS Mini can deliver signals in the range of 492ft/150m, with 180° foldable antennas for low distortion
Precio de venta$149.00
SYNCO TS Mini Budget UHF Wireless MicrophoneSYNCO
Disponibles, 50 unidades
Best wireless microphone for iphone, SYNCO G1L black has a decent appearance and outstanding performanceSYNCO G1L allows you to record clearer and stabler sound with its 492ft/150m strong signal transmission and Syncoder Algorithm 2.0
Precio de venta$79.00
SYNCO G1L Best Wireless Microphone for iPhoneSYNCO
Disponibles, 38 unidades
SYNCO T1 wireless microphone for zoom meetings include screens that display channels and status lightsSYNCO T1 microphone with UHF tech for 50 meter transmission, and that could be easily checked by the display screen.
Precio de venta$99.00
SYNCO T1 UHF Wireless Microphone for Zoom MeetingsSYNCO
Disponibles, 50 unidades
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Wireless lapel microphone for Android phone Moman CP1(C) is suitable for conferencing, gaming, YouTube recordings, etc.Moman CP1(C) external wireless mic for Android phone with intelligent noise depression provides clear sound transmission
Precio de venta$35.99 Precio habitual$47.99
Moman CP1(C) Wireless Lapel Microphone for Android PhoneMoman
Disponibles, 41 unidades
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Wireless microphone for video recording Moman C2 features an OLED screen, a 40m LOS transmission, a wide compatibility, etc.Moman C2 with clearer TFT display screen which shows situations of mic, low cut, audio dynamic display, and power.
Precio de venta$99.00 Precio habitual$119.00
Moman C2 Wireless Microphone for Video RecordingMoman
Disponibles, 43 unidades
Wireless lavalier microphone Moman C1 transmits reliable, secure, and anti-interference signalsMoman C1 microphone with 2.4GHz frequency band featuring 230ft/70m synchronous tansmission
Precio de venta$79.00
Moman C1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone for DSLRMoman
Disponibles, 50 unidades
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Black XLR shotgun condenser microphone SYNCO D2 of decent appearance and superior qualitySYNCO D2 achieves -32dB high sensitivity with great hyper cardioid polar pattern
Precio de venta$169.00 Precio habitual$259.00
SYNCO D2 XLR Shotgun Condenser Microphone of Brass BodySYNCO
Disponibles, 14 unidades
Shop camera shotgun microphone SYNCO D30 for high-grade natural sound recording at Moman Online StoreSYNCO D30 works with low frequency, ideal for the clean and natural sound recording
Precio de venta$129.00
SYNCO D30 Camera Shotgun Microphone for Outdoor RecordingSYNCO
Disponibles, 50 unidades
Best vocal microphone for live performance SYNCO E10 Black featuring an amazing housing of aluminum alloySYNCO E10 is the upgraded cardioid condenser Mic, helping you get desired sound and reduce undesired noises
Precio de venta$69.00
SYNCO E10 Best Vocal Microphone for Live PerformanceSYNCO
Disponibles, 50 unidades
Podcast microphone for iphone SYNCO U1L can be directly connected to devices with lightning portsSYNCO U1L supports straight connection to other devices without any adapters
Precio de venta$45.00
SYNCO U1L Podcast Microphone for iPhoneSYNCO
Disponibles, 48 unidades
Record with unidirectional shotgun microphone for phone SYNCO U3 black whenever and whereverSYNCO U3 utilizes a cardioid pattern and interference tube tech to pick up excellent sound
Precio de venta$79.00
SYNCO U3 Unidirectional Shotgun Microphone for Phone & CameraSYNCO
Disponibles, 49 unidades
Microphone for cell phone with 3.5mm Jack SYNCO U1P has a flexible and stable construction, 90° rotatable to meet your needSYNCO U1P supports a direct plug-in connection to multiple devices, such as smartphones, laptops, etc
Precio de venta$29.00
SYNCO U1P Microphone for Cell Phone with 3.5mm JackSYNCO
Disponibles, 50 unidades
Wired microphone for camera Moman MA1 is light and portable, working well for outdoor recording activitiesMoman MA1 wired microphone for dslr with cardioid pickup pattern
Precio de venta$29.99
Moman MA1 Wired Microphone for CameraMoman
Disponibles, 50 unidades

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