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Mostrando 1 - 8 de 8 productos
Moman ML8A-RC RGB LED camera light comes in pocket size, delivering soft light with the silicone diffuser includedMoman ML8A-RC on-camera rgb led light is suitable for recording creative videos, taking selfies with friends, etc.
Precio de venta$59.99
Moman ML8A-RC RGB LED Camera LightMoman
Disponibles, 40 unidades
RGB camera light Moman ML9-RGB features a CRI of 96+, 150 LED beads, a Bi-color temperature of 2500k-8500kMoman ML9 is a RGB video light weighing 370g that can be put into the pocket
Precio de venta$99.99
Moman ML9-RGB Best RGB Camera LightMoman
Disponibles, 45 unidades
Moman ML8A-DC phone camera light with a diffuser, provides cool and warm bi-color light for vivid picturesMoman ML8A-DC is a professional camera light for youtube videos recording, live streaming, and other videography activities
Precio de venta$49.99
Moman ML8A-DC Bi-color Phone Camera LightMoman
Disponibles, 47 unidades
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Light for video camera Moman ML3-D black has 96 quality LED beads featuring a high color rendering of 96Camera mount LED lights Moman ML3-D Red has a control dial that allows you to modify Bi-color temperature
Precio de ventaDesde $45.99 Precio habitual$55.99
Moman ML3-D Camera LED LightMoman
Disponibles, 62 unidades
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Moman MLX-RGB LED panel light for photography supports different color illumination up to six kindsMoman MLX-RGB has dimmable brightness and color temperature for specific shooting needs, giving off powerful illumination
Precio de venta$109.00
Moman MLX-RGB LED Panel Light for PhotographyMoman
Disponibles, 46 unidades
Ahorrar 12%
Moman MFL-09XR video light for camera is abundant for vivid picture with its RGB CRI of 96+Moman MFL-09XR is a professionally dimmable LED video light, bringing out the natural skin tone
Precio de venta$105.00 Precio habitual$119.00
Moman MFL-09XR Video Light For CameraMoman
Disponibles, 50 unidades
Moman ML1 LED panel light for camera black is tiny but mighty, featuring 90pcs color rendering LED beadsMoman ML1 panel light comes in a pocket size for convenient carrying and powerful illumination for recording needs
Precio de venta$55.99
Moman ML1 LED Panel Light for CameraMoman
Disponibles, 49 unidades
RGB LED panel light Moman ML6-RC presets a CRI of 96+ and a bi-color control to meet a variety of shooting requirementsMoman ML6-RC with dimimable brightness & 0-360° color value
Precio de venta$75.99
Moman ML6-RC RGB LED Panel Light for CameraMoman
Disponibles, 10 unidades

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