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Moman CP2AC smartphone wireless microphone is suitable for both lightning ports for iphone, and type-c port for android phoneMoman CP2A lavalier mic can be used with lightning port, producing a high-quality sound for vloggers, interviewers and so on
Sonderpreisab $65.99 Normalpreis$79.99
Moman CP2 Drahtloses Smartphone-MikrofonMoman
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Best USB PC microphone Moman EM1 Black adopts the plug & play design for quick, convenient, and high quality recording Moman EM1 PC microphone for streaming top-notch clear audio
Sonderpreis$22.99 Normalpreis$45.99
Moman EM1 USB-PC-MikrofonMoman
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Moman H2 BlueTooth communicator for motorcycles applys to mountain biking, skiing and other sports for communications, calls, musicMoman H2 wireless intercom set for two riders supports a communication with clear audio within distance up to 800 meters
Sonderpreis$79.99 Normalpreis$89.99
Moman H2 Bluetooth Communicator für Motorräder für 2 Fahrer innerhalb von 800 mMoman
Auf Lager, 34 Stück
Wireless lavalier microphone Moman C1 transmits reliable, secure, and anti-interference signalsMoman C1 microphone with 2.4GHz frequency band featuring 230ft/70m synchronous tansmission
Moman C1 Wireless Lavalier-Mikrofon für DSLRMoman
Auf Lager, 50 Stück
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Moman C1X dual channel wireless microphone Black with 2 transmitters and 1 receiver, is ideal for two-person recordingMoman C1X supports real-time monitoring and offers gain control of 0-4 levels, which is going up to 8dB for channel A & B separetely
Sonderpreis$99.00 Normalpreis$119.00
Moman C1X Drahtloses ZweikanalmikrofonMoman
Auf Lager, 41 Stück
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Wireless microphone for video recording Moman C2 features an OLED screen, a 40m LOS transmission, a wide compatibility, etc.Moman C2 with clearer TFT display screen which shows situations of mic, low cut, audio dynamic display, and power.
Sonderpreis$99.00 Normalpreis$119.00
Moman C2 Drahtloses Mikrofon für VideoaufnahmenMoman
Auf Lager, 43 Stück
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Wireless lapel microphone for Android phone Moman CP1(C) is suitable for conferencing, gaming, YouTube recordings, etc.Moman CP1(C) external wireless mic for Android phone with intelligent noise depression provides clear sound transmission
Sonderpreis$35.99 Normalpreis$47.99
Moman CP1(C) Drahtloses Ansteckmikrofon für Android-TelefoneMoman
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Moman wireless intercom for motorcycle helmets H3 blue allows clear sound transmission during vigorous activitiesMoman Bluetooth intercom H3 gold is small and portable for daily carry. It also enjoys a long working time up to 30 hours
Sonderpreis$79.99 Normalpreis$89.99
Moman H3 Wireless Intercom für Motorradhelme mit einer Reichweite von 2000 mMoman
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Moman H1 motorcycle helmet bluetooth intercom single pack Black offers call rejection, hangup, music streaming etc.Moman H1 2-Rider Kit includes 2 intercoms and 2 speakers for two motorcyclist keep in touch in real-time while riding
Sonderpreisab $49.99 Normalpreis$59.99
Moman H1 Motorradhelm Bluetooth-GegensprechanlageMoman
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Clip on wireless microphone for iphone offers steady, smooth, and anti-interference transmission within a range of the 394ft(LOS) Moman CP1(A) supports wireless recording up to 20 meters / 65 feet in the non-line-of-sight area
Sonderpreis$39.99 Normalpreis$49.99
Moman CP1(A) Drahtloses Ansteckmikrofon für iPhoneMoman
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Microphone isolation shield Moman RF30 can be used on the table or on the floor steadily with the compatible standMoman RF30 with high-quality absorbing cotton insulation is born for clearer recording
Moman RF30 Mikrofon-IsolationsschirmMoman
Moman MA6R XLR Lavalier Microphone with 19.7-foot long audio cableMoman MA6R comes with 361° omnidirectional pickup pattern
Moman MA6R XLR Lavalier-Mikrofon Moman
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Moman H4 best wireless earphones for motorcycle riding is compact yet powerful. It allows for answering calls during sportsMoman H4 is based on 5.0 bluetooth tech and EDR, which enables it to connect the mobiles within 10 meters
Moman RF13 sound shield for recording adopts compact design to bring out a portable and practical music studio boothMoman RF13 microphone sound isolation shield is universal and adjustable
Moman RF13 Schallschutz für AufnahmenMoman
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USB desktop microphone with mute button Moman EMP is able to stand on the desk or mounting on a boom arm via the 3/8" threadMoman EMP mic is able to pulse at your pace with its mute button
Moman EMP USB-Tischmikrofon mit StummschalttasteMoman
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Retro USB microphone Moman EMR features a headphone jack and a Type-C output directly used with phones and computersMoman EMR features reproducing retro sound of 192kHz/24bit because of its advanced sound chip
Moman EMR Retro-USB-MikrofonMoman
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SYNCO T1 wireless microphone for zoom meetings include screens that display channels and status lightsSYNCO T1 microphone with UHF tech for 50 meter transmission, and that could be easily checked by the display screen.
Moman T1 UHF-Funkmikrofon für Zoom-MeetingsSYNCO
Auf Lager, 50 Stück
Wired microphone for camera Moman MA1 is light and portable, working well for outdoor recording activitiesMoman MA1 wired microphone for dslr with cardioid pickup pattern
Moman MA1 Kabelgebundenes Mikrofon für KameraMoman
Auf Lager, 50 Stück

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