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Zeigt 1 - 11 von 11 Produkten
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Moman Power 140 v mount battery for Red Komodo has a portable size but high output up to 14.4V, 140Wh/9.7Ah for videography activitiesMoman Power 140 has a cycle charge of 1000 times after professional tests
Sonderpreis$199.00 Normalpreis$249.00
Moman Power 140 V Schlossbatterie für BMPCC 4K 6K, D Tap & USB C AusgängeMoman
Auf Lager, 90 Stück
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Moman H2 BlueTooth communicator for motorcycles applys to mountain biking, skiing and other sports for communications, calls, musicMoman H2 wireless intercom set for two riders supports a communication with clear audio within distance up to 800 meters
Sonderpreis$79.99 Normalpreis$89.99
Moman H2 Bluetooth Communicator für Motorräder für 2 Fahrer innerhalb von 800 mMoman
Auf Lager, 34 Stück
Moman Power 70 Blackmagic v mount battery can be mouted on gimbals for charging cameras. It's of high-density and slim body.Moman Power 70 weighs only 417g but has 70Wh capacity. It's your best choice as an external v-mount power source for handheld devices.
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Moman wireless intercom for motorcycle helmets H3 blue allows clear sound transmission during vigorous activitiesMoman Bluetooth intercom H3 gold is small and portable for daily carry. It also enjoys a long working time up to 30 hours
Sonderpreis$79.99 Normalpreis$89.99
Moman H3 Wireless Intercom für Motorradhelme mit einer Reichweite von 2000 mMoman
Auf Lager, 143 Stück
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Moman MT12 professional teleprompter offers clear and wide angle display, smooth scrolling and easy remote controlMoman MT12 has a 12-inch HD display and a drawstring design, helping speakers reject NG and improve recording efficiency
Moman ML8A-DC phone camera light with a diffuser, provides cool and warm bi-color light for vivid picturesMoman ML8A-DC is a professional camera light for youtube videos recording, live streaming, and other videography activities
Moman ML8A-DC zweifarbiges Handy-KameralichtMoman
Auf Lager, 47 Stück
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SYNCO D1 hypercardioid shotgun microphone has a versatile capacity and flexible installment. It's perfect for outdoor recording, broadcasting, etc.SYNCO D1 features a broadcast sound quality of 78dB SNR, allowing a safe and stable audio signal transmission
Sonderpreis$129.00 Normalpreis$199.00
SYNCO D1 Richtrohrmikrofon mit Hypernierencharakteristik und XLR-AnschlussSYNCO
Auf Lager, 49 Stück

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