After a few twists and turns, the Tokyo Olympic Games is finally coming. Since last years, people all over the world have gone through the epidemic, suffering all the difficulties. Japan, as the host, needs to take lots of measure to ensure the Games go on well. Under the circumstances, all athletes still desire and strive to reach the top with their fight will. As I believe, this grand global event could inspire people with power and enthusiasm.


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Are you ready?

Be well-protected at all times. At the site, audience should wear mask at all times in the museum, arrive at the venue directly from their residence before the match and return home after the match. Take all necessary precautions while moving. For people who are watching the games through broadcasting, they should also protect themselves and not get gathering.


Inherit the Olympic Spirits. The Olympic spirits what we still insist on are mutual understanding, lasting friendship and unity. Facing the epidemic, we should be #stronger together, and learn the strength, resilience and determination from athletes. In the competition, not only can we fell tension and excitement, but also the hope, unity and encouragement.


Aim to Sustainability. It’s reported that the medals for Tokyo Olympic Games’ winners are made of recycled old mobile phone materials, which is towards an innovative future for all. The idea strengthens the public’s awareness of sustainability and enhances environment harmony. It’s not only the country’s responsibility, but also enterprise’s and personal’s.


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