How to Choose a Microphone for Game Live-Streaming?

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How to Choose a Microphone for Game Live-Streaming?

  With game streaming getting hot, the requirements to hardware for game streaming rise more discussion and attention, especially microphones. Many game players may experience that ordinary earphones couldn’t handle the intense situations and produce crackling current noise, which is irritating. Therefore, it is necessary to have a microphone for game live-streaming.

The question is how to choose a right one?
First, the microphone is ensured to produce no current noise. When we are playing games, we often ignore the electromagnetic interference of computer graphics card to earphone cable. Earphones would produce crackling noise, which may do harm to your ears.

Second of all, the microphone and its accessories should have better recording effects. During the game, we often have to interact with our teammates, so the microphone needs to sensitively capture clear sound with rich details. With a pop filter, it won’t produce too much plosives which affects communication. With a humanized holder, we can precisely send and receive the sonic signals from teammates without getting too close to the microphone. Most importantly, there is no interference of echo and noise.

Last but not least, the microphone should be easy to use. Playing games is a way to relax. Any complicated factors would destruct the mood to enjoy. The use of microphones is no exception. Simple operation, flexible adjustment of holder, and strong performance will make it better.

These are objective factors to consider. Besides, we need to know more about microphones on a professional level. Currently, there are two types of microphones for game live-streaming: USB microphone and XLR microphone. And omnidirectional mic and cardioid mic have differences in sound pickup.

USB microphone V.S. XLR microphone

Features of USB microphone:
-Principle: convert analog signal to digital signal by built-in USB sound card, in the form of data via USB interface.
-Components: microphone, integrated sound card, pop filter, holder and USB cable.
-Application: recording, dubbing, game live-streaming, online lesson, homeworking, etc.
-Pros: simpler setup, lower price, clear sound pickup, effective anti-interference of self noise.
-Cons: less professional in the aspects of sound quality and sound card, less functions.

Features of XLR microphone:
-Principle: capacitor plate metal film driven by sound vibration generates an electric current and converts sound signal into electrical signal.
-Components: microphone, external sound card, phantom power, preamplifier, XLR interface and power rectifier, etc
-Applications: studio recording, dubbing, etc.
-Pros: high-fidelity sound quality, professional sound card, more functions.
-Cons: higher price, more complicated setup.

Omnidirectional mic V.S. Cardioid mic
Omnidirectional microphone can pick up sounds from all directions equally. It is suitable for sound source movement or collecting environmental sound. On the other hand, it is easy to collect the unwanted sound. It is often used in public speaking such as conference and seminar.

Cardioid microphone has best pickup effect to sounds from the front of the microphone and sounds from other directions will be attenuated. It is suitable for multiple recording environments, especially when lots of ambient indoor sounds need to be removed, such as speech, video teaching, live-streaming.

To sum up, USB microphone with cardioid pattern is suitable for game live-streaming in terms of sound quality, performance and setup. Surely, if you have more requirements to sound quality and more budget for your live-streaming plan, you could go to the local retailer and try others yourself. You may have a better idea of what you want.

Several USB microphones suitable for game live-streaming:

·Electret condenser
·Cardioid pickup
·Effectively avoid noise interference
·Suitable for gaming, live-streaming, recording, etc.

·Electret condenser
·Cardioid pickup
·Clear sound output with low self noise
·Plug and play
·Support real-time monitoring, gain control, one-button mute
·Widely adjustable & shockproof holder

Razer Seiren
·14mm diaphragm
·Cardioid pattern for precise pickup
·Sturdy and adjustable holder
·Built-in shockproof bracket